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The European Commission asks for your contribution

Survey on Key Enabling Technologies

The European Commission has launched in January 2014 a new initiative aiming to stimulate innovation in SMEs through the identification of the existing KETs Technology Platforms across Europe, enhance their collaboration and support the access of SMEs to the services offered by these platforms.

The project will focus on the pan European dimension and on building an inventory of KETs Technology Platforms and their specificities. The inventory will be made available for SMEs across Europe through a web portal. A gap analysis will be performed to analyze potential mismatch between the demand and the type of equipment/services/trainings provided by KETs Technology Platforms at European level.


The final outcome of this initiative will be recommendations to the European Commission on how to support the pan European access of SMEs to KETs Technology Platforms.


We would welcome your participation to this initiative by contributing to the current survey, which can be completed within 20 – 30 minutes. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the Community Regulation (EC) No 45/2001. Results will be presented at a high-level conference in January 2015.



Survey Link

Call for expression of interest: Six model demonstrator regions

Call for the expression of interest to select six model demonstrator regions for developing modern cluster strategies

The 'SMEs: Clusters and Emerging Industries' Unit at the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General is inviting regional organisations to take advantage, free of charge, of advisory support services offered by the European Cluster Observatory in view of better capitalising on the cluster concept for the renewal of their industries and the promotion of entrepreneurship and SME growth. The aim is to assist regions in designing modern cluster policies to take maximum advantage of the transformative power of innovation towards shaping industrial value chains, sectors and emerging industries.

The second generation of the European Cluster Observatory, which was launched in January by the European Commission through a service contract, brings together a pool of experts to support the model demonstrator regions. They will receive assessment reports based on analysis and stakeholder interviews, surveys and benchmarking results, have a two-day peer review meeting organised for them in their region and be provided with final policy briefings. 


This informal call is a chance for regions to position themselves as model regions for smart specialisation and cluster strategies, and they will also be showcased on the European Cluster Observatory web pages at the European Commission's Enterprise & industry web portal, in newsletters, promotional videos and conferences. 


Interested regional organisations are invited to submit by 12 May 2014, at the latest, a short concept note (max. 5 pages) that responds to the informal call for the expression of interest by describing the specific challenge or opportunity that the region would like to address through a modern cluster approach, including their vision, commitment, and advice needed. 


Priority will be given to regions with the highest ambitions and best ideas to capitalise on cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation for their future strategies. The intention is to inform applicants of the outcome of the selection no later than the end of June 2014. Successful applicants should expect to have a first meeting with the Observatory in 2014 and to receive the advisory support services during 2015.


To download the informal call for the expression of interest for model demonstrator regions, please click here 

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