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Name Country Region Sector(s) Cluster Excellence Label ESCP-4i Membership
AVEBIOM Biomass Spanish Cluster Spain Castilla y León Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Forestry

Environmental Industries

Furnace and boiler technologies, Solid biomass

Power generation / renewable sources, Sustainable energy & renewables
Bronze Label
Other: BOND Spain Cluster
Aviation Valley / Dolina Lotnicza Poland Podkarpackie Aerospace Vehicles and Defense

Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies

Aircraft, Propulsion

Aeronautics, Remotely piloted aircrafts
AXELERA France Rhône-Alpes Downstream Chemical Products, Environmental Services

Environmental Industries

Environmental Engineering / Technology, Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Biotechnology, Chemicals & chemical products
Gold Label -
Baden Württemberg: Connected e.V. Germany Stuttgart Business Services, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Creative Industries, Digital Industries

Information Technology/Informatics, Internet of Things

ICT trust, cyber security & network security, Intelligent inter-modal & sustainable urban areas (e.g. smart cities)
Silver Label
Other: ISO 9001:2008 label
MobiGoIn, MobiGoIn-Action
Baltic Automotive Components Cluster (BACC) Lithuania Lietuva Automotive, Metalworking Technology

Powertrain and chassis, Switches and wiring

Machinery & equipment n.e.c., Motor vehicles & other transport equipments
Baltic Furniture Cluster Lithuania Lietuva Furniture

Household Goods & Appliances

Furniture, New or improved service processes
Other -
BALTIC SEA & SPACE CLUSTER Poland Pomorskie Education and Knowledge Creation, Oil and Gas Production and Transportation

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries

Marine Science, Shipbuilding

Coastal & maritime tourism, Shipbuilding & ship repair
BalticNet-PlasmaTec e.V. Germany Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Automotive, Lighting and Electrical Equipment

Advanced Packaging, Environmental Industries

Coatings, Nanomaterials

Advanced materials, Nanotechnology
Silver Label AdPack, DIA, AdPack²
Barcelona Media Alliance Spain Cataluña Education and Knowledge Creation, Music and Sound Recording

Creative Industries, Digital Industries

E-Publishing, Digital Content, Visualisation, Virtual Reality

Development of regional cultural & creative industries, Motion picture, video & television programme production, sound recording & music publishing activities
Agrupación de Empresas Innovadoras – AEI (REAEI-00212) -
Basque Energy Cluster (Cluster de Energía) Spain País Vasco Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Lighting and Electrical Equipment

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries

Smart grids, Transmission of electricity

Blue renewable energy, Energy distribution
Basque Mobility and Logistics Cluster, MLC ITS Euskadi Spain País Vasco Transportation and Logistics

Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies

Applications for Transport and Logistics, System and transportation

Smart green & integrated transport systems, Road transport & related services
Other -
Bavarian IT-Logistics Cluster Germany Oberpfalz Transportation and Logistics

Digital Industries, Logistical Services


Transport & logistics, Computer programming, consultancy & related activities
Silver Label
Other: Go Cluster
Beauty Cluster Barcelona Spain Cataluña Biopharmaceuticals, Downstream Chemical Products

Advanced Packaging, Creative Industries

Fine Chemicals, Dyes and Inks, Packaging for materials

e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing), Biotechnology
Bronze Label
Cosmetics4Wellbeing (C4W)
Beirut Creative Cluster Lebanon None Creative Industries, Digital Industries Bronze Label -
Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz e.V. (BBAA) Germany Brandenburg Aerospace Vehicles and Defense, Transportation and Logistics

Aeronautical technology / Avionics, Aircraft

Bronze Label -
BICCnet Bavarian Information and Communication Technology Cluster Germany Oberbayern Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Digital Industries

Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems, Information Technology/Informatics

Intelligent inter-modal & sustainable urban areas (e.g. smart cities), Information service activities
Bronze Label SmartCityTech, ESCT Go Global
Biobased Delta Netherlands Noord-Brabant Agricultural Inputs and Services, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Environmental Industries

Food Processing, Biobased high-performance materials

Bio fuels & energy efficiency, Industrial biotechnology
Other 3BI
Biocat (Bioregion of Catalonia) Spain Cataluña Biopharmaceuticals, Education and Knowledge Creation

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

Cellular and Molecular Biology, Clinical Research, Trials

e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing), Human health activities (medical services)
Other bioXclusters plus, LASER-GO GLOBAL
BIODANUBIUS Romania Bucureşti - Ilfov Agricultural Inputs and Services, Business Services

Environmental Industries, Experience Industries

Safe production methods, Traceability of food

Crop & animal production, hunting &related service activities, Food, beverage & tobacco products
Bronze Label -
Bioeconomy Cluster Slovakia Západné Slovensko Agricultural Inputs and Services, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Advanced Packaging, Bio-pharmaceuticals

Precision agriculture, Biobased Materials

Resource efficiency, Sustainable agriculture
Bronze Label -
BioEconomy Cluster Central Germany Germany Sachsen-Anhalt Plastics, Upstream Chemical Products

Biochemistry / Biophysics, Biobased high-performance materials

Industrial biotechnology, Chemicals & chemical products
Silver Label
Other: Leading Edge cluster, Innovation cluster of Saxony-Anhalt, Full member biobased industries consortium
Bioenergy for the Region Poland Łódzkie Business Services, Education and Knowledge Creation

Creative Industries

Photovoltaics, Solar/Thermal energy

Power generation / renewable sources
Other: Innovation leader
BioLAGO e.V. the health network Germany Freiburg Biopharmaceuticals, Business Services

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

Technology, Society and Employment

Human health activities (medical services), Biotechnology
Gold Label -
BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH Germany Oberbayern Biopharmaceuticals

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Digital Industries

Diagnostics, Diagnosis, Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs

e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing), Industrial biotechnology
Gold Label
Other: Spitzencluster, BMBF
bioXclusters plus
biomastec Germany Stuttgart Agricultural Inputs and Services, Electric Power Generation and Transmission

Environmental Industries

Biogas and anaerobic digestion (AD), Bio-refineries for energy

Power generation / renewable sources, Biotechnology
Bronze Label
Other: Funded by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy