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Name Country Region Sector(s) Cluster Excellence Label ESCP-4i Membership
CLUSTER DE ALIMENTACUÓN DE EUSKADI - BASQUE FOOD CLUSTER Spain País Vasco Food Processing and Manufacturing

Food Processing

Food, beverage & tobacco products, New organisational models & social relations that meet social needs, Eco-innovations
Clúster de Energía Coahuila A.C Mexico Other Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Oil and Gas Production and Transportation

Biodiversity / Natural Heritage, Citizens participation, Socio-economic models, economic aspects
Cluster de la Acuicultura Spain Galicia Fishing and Fishing Products

Blue Growth Industries

Aquaculture, In vitro Testing, Trials, Microbiology

Fishing & aquaculture, Aquaculture, Biotechnology
Gold Label -
Clúster de la Industria d'Automoció de Catalunya Spain Cataluña Automotive

Digital Industries, Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies

System and transportation, Logistics, Automotive engineering

Automated driverless vehicles, Smart green & integrated transport systems, Warehousing & support activities for transportation (logistics storage)
Bronze Label -
Cluster de Software y TI Bogota Colombia Other Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Advanced Packaging, Digital Industries, Medical Devices

Applications for Health, e-Government, Computer Software
Other -
CLUSTER DE TURISMO DE MONTAÑA Spain Aragón Hospitality and Tourism

Environmental Industries, Mobility Technologies

Applications for Tourism, Quality Management System

Accomodation (hotels, camping)
Cluster del Granito Spain Galicia Construction Products and Services

Construction engineering (design, simulation), Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment, Materials, components and systems for construction

Specialised construction activities, Other mining & quarrying
Other -
Clúster Digital de Catalunya Spain Cataluña Communications Equipment and Services, Distribution and Electronic Commerce, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Digital Industries, Mobility Technologies

Computer Software, Databases, Database Management, Data Mining, Internet Technologies/Communication (Wireless, Bluetooth)

ICT trust, cyber security & network security, Computer programming, consultancy & related activities, Information service activities
Bronze Label
Other: Catalonia Clusters
CLUSTER DO AUDIOVISUAL GALEGO Spain Galicia Communications Equipment and Services, Video Production and Distribution

Creative Industries, Digital Industries

Creative products, Creative services, Information and media, society

Creative, arts & entertainment activities, Development of regional cultural & creative industries, New media & easier access to cultural contents (e.g. heritage)
Bronze Label
Other: Agrupación de Empresas Innovadoras – AEI, by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Tourism.
Cluster Eco Construction Belgium Prov. Namur Construction Products and Services, Environmental Services, Wood Products

Environmental Industries

Thermal insulation, Construction methods and equipment, Materials, components and systems for construction

Construction of buildings, Specialised construction activities, Eco-innovations
CLUSTER EMPRESAS INNOVADORAS VALLE DEL JUGUETE Spain Comunidad Valenciana Downstream Metal Products, Metalworking Technology, Plastics

Advanced Packaging, Creative Industries, Digital Industries

Extrusion, Machine Tools, Moulding, injection moulding, sintering

Advanced manufacturing systems, Advanced materials, Rubber & plastic products
Bronze Label -
Cluster Energy Technology in Berlin-Brandenburg, c/o Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH, Department of Energy Technologies Germany Berlin Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Lighting and Electrical Equipment

Energy management, Storage of electricity, batteries, Photovoltaics

Energy distribution, Power generation / renewable sources, Sustainable energy & renewables
Cluster for ecological culture and ecological energy Ecopanonia Serbia Region of Vojvodina Environmental Services

Digital Industries, Environmental Industries

Energy management, Low, zero and plus energy rating, Integrated waste-energy processes

Crop & animal production, hunting &related service activities, Computer programming, consultancy & related activities
No -
Cluster for Entrepreneurial employment of young people Activator Serbia City of Belgrade Business Services, Education and Knowledge Creation

Creative Industries

Creative services, Education and Training, Socio-economic models, economic aspects

Intelligent inter-modal & sustainable urban areas (e.g. smart cities), New or improved organisational models, Employment activities
Cluster Green Transport Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) Transportation and Logistics

Digital Industries, Environmental Industries, Logistical Services

Intermodal Transport, Logistics, Railway Transport

Rail transport & related services, Road transport & related services, Warehousing & support activities for transportation (logistics storage)
Cluster Innovatieve Coatings Belgium Région de Bruxelles-Capitale/Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest Construction Products and Services, Downstream Chemical Products, Textile Manufacturing

Creative Industries, Environmental Industries

Coatings, Advanced Textile Materials, Properties of Materials, Corrosion/Degradation

Chemicals & chemical products, Textiles, wearing apparel & leather& related products, Scientific research & development
Cluster Inteligentna Energija Croatia Hrvatska Education and Knowledge Creation, Environmental Services

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries, Mobility Technologies

Energy management, Hydropower, Solar/Thermal energy

Eco-innovations, Resource efficiency, Sustainable energy & renewables
Bronze Label -
Cluster IT Tirol Austria Tirol Communications Equipment and Services, Education and Knowledge Creation, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Digital Industries

Information Filtering, Semantics, Statistics, Communications Protocols, Interoperability, Network Technology, Network Security

E-Commerce & SMEs online, ICT trust, cyber security & network security, Computer programming, consultancy & related activities
Cluster Leistungselektronik im ECPE e.V. Germany Mittelfranken Automotive, Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Lighting and Electrical Equipment

Digital Industries, Environmental Industries, Mobility Technologies

Semiconductors, Generators, electric engines and power converters, Transmission of electricity

Energy distribution, Power generation / renewable sources, Education
Silver Label
Other: go-cluster
Cluster Lombardo Scienze della Vita Italy Lombardia Biopharmaceuticals, Education and Knowledge Creation

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Digital Industries, Medical Devices

Diagnostics, Diagnosis, Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs

e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing), Industrial biotechnology, Social innovation with regard to health, well-being and elder care
Bronze Label -
Cluster Lucano di Bioeconomia Italy Basilicata Agricultural Inputs and Services, Food Processing and Manufacturing, Upstream Chemical Products


Horticulture, Precision agriculture, Biobased chemical building blocks

Crop & animal production, hunting &related service activities, Industrial biotechnology, Biotechnology
Cluster Lumiere France Rhône-Alpes Construction Products and Services, Distribution and Electronic Commerce

Automation, Robotics Control Systems, Digital Systems, Digital Representation, Construction methods and equipment

Construction of buildings, Photonics
Cluster Maritimo Naval Cádiz Spain Andalucía Construction Products and Services, Metalworking Technology

Construction engineering (design, simulation), Management of construction process & life, Iron and Steel, Steelworks

Blue renewable energy, Offshore mining, oil & gas, Shipbuilding & ship repair
Cluster Mechatronik & Automation Germany Schwaben Business Services, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments, Production Technology and Heavy Machinery

Digital Industries, Medical Devices, Mobility Technologies

Machine Tools, Manufacturing plants networks, Process automation

Advanced manufacturing systems, Computer, electronic & optical products, Resource efficiency
Silver Label -
Cluster Microelectronics and Embedded Systems Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) Automotive

Digital Industries, Mobility Technologies

Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems, Micro and Nanotechnology related to Electronics and Microelectronics, Nanotechnologies related to electronics & microelectronics

Micro/Nano electronics, Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology & engineering