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Association Francaise des Pôles de Compétitivité (AFPC)

The French Competitiveness and Business Clusters Association (AFPC) unites 58 out of 70 French Competitiveness Clusters, representing 9 000 SMEs, 3 000 universities and laboratories, and more than 1 000 large and medium-sized companies. AFPC has the following missions managed by 3 committees aiming to enhance the role of clusters in the innovation dynamics with the government and the regions, to be the voice of the clusters and their members for national and European authorities and to support research funding for SMEs.

Jean-Luc Beylat, President of the Systematic Paris-Region cluster, was elected as President of the AFPC. Agnès Paillard, President of the Aerospace Valley cluster, is its Treasurer, Philippe Magarshack, President of Minalogic cluster, is its Secretary and Karine Jacq its General Manager.

AFPC's Missions 

Established on the 16th December of 2013 with the support of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and the DGE (Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs), AFPC aims to achieve three missions:

Mission 1 Enhance the role of clusters in the innovation dynamics with the government and the regions

AFPC will promote the coordination of actions of the various clusters and the development of inter-clusters collaborations.  The aim is to underline the many achievements in the various territorial ecosystems, in terms of product innovation, businesses and job creation. The purpose carried on by AFPC is to increase public funding granted to them and to ensure the involvement of clusters in different plans, channels and programs initiated, including the Ministry for Industrial Renewal of France: accelerate deployment of the Industry of the Future and the nine industrial solutions in France and internationally.

Mission 2 Be the voice of the Clusters and their Members for National and European Authorities

At a European level, AFPC interacts with the European Commission in the framework of "smart Specialization strategies" in coordination with regions to expand collaborations with clusters and EU organizations.

AFPC also seeks to involve a greater number of companies in community programs such as Horizon 2020 or COSME. While Germany and the Scandinavian countries have structured and coordinated their innovative policy ecosystems, France needs to strengthen it's European presence.

Mission 3 Support and Promote the Clusters' SMBs Members

AFPC focuses on facilitating access to private funding for innovative business. Financing is key to ensure the growth of SMBs, establish their competitiveness and enable them to become intermediate-sized businesses with a French influence in international markets.

As such, AFPC follows up on the "EIP" Label established in June 2010 and which is subject to a chart signed by 55 clusters. SMBs labelled EIP by their clusters have close support of professionals throughout fundraising.

Moreover, AFPC supports SMBs on several of their major growth drivers: Business, Access to public procurement contracts, Access to purchases of the large industrial groups,...

More information:

Pauline CAPUS

Directrice Générale

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AFPC on Twitter: @afrpc