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The Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network


The Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network is a bottom-up initiative that reunites some of the most important cluster initiatives in the ICT sector from this macro-region. Currently the Network includes 17 organizations from all countries in the Balkan and Black Sea Region. Our aim is to create new business opportunities for cluster members, to open new markets and to build bridges for cross-border and cross-industry collaborations.


Our mission is to strengthen collaboration between cluster initiatives in the ICT sector from the Balkan and Black Sea region and to act such as to increase the competitiveness of this sector on the global market by means of specific actions and projects. We strive for constantly enlarging the network with new members from this particular macro-region.


Our vision is to see strong trans-national strategic alliances between ICT companies in the Balkan and Black Sea region which would give us the capacity to approach large scale innovation projects, develop together novel product-service systems and smartly collaborate to increase regional competitiveness and sophistication of the ICT services we offer on global markets. We look forward and act to achieve a shift in the business models of the ICT sector in the Balkan and Black Sea region, where polycentric innovations and tight partnerships for valorization and capitalization of the local strengths into agile cross-border business models will occur.

Services and activities developed under the BBS ICT Clusters Network

• Training for cluster managers (innovation management, economic competitiveness, cluster management, internationalization, smart specialization)

• Consortium projects (niche / interdisciplinary)

• Do business together (win-win)

• Share experience

• Brokerage events and economic missions

• Better documentation on local / national ecosystems

• More visibility international • Fairs (common umbrella)

• Smart specialization for better differentiation

• Polycentric innovations (share risks, combine know-how, develop innovative new product-service solutions by sharing expertise, venture funds, people, know-how)

• Share resources for permanent representation in Brussels

• Share information about global events

• Approach large scale projects and new markets

The BBS ICT Network is chaired on an annual rotation basis by one of the member organization.


For 2016, BBS ICT Clusters Network runs under the chairmanship of Cluj IT Cluster (Romania). For this charge, the contact persons are:

Stelian Brad, President Cluj IT Cluster, email: stelian.brad@clujit.ro

Andrei Kelemen, Executive Director Cluj IT Cluster, email: andrei.kelemen@clujit.ro


For 2015 (BBS ICT Network’s first year of existence) the chairmanship belonged to ICT Cluster (Bulgaria). The contact persons are:

Peter Statev, President ICT Cluster Bulgaria, email: peter_statev@ictcluster.bg

Anna Naydenova, Executive Director, email: anna_naydenova@ictcluster.bg


More information available at: http://community.clujit.ro/display/BBSIN/Balkan+and+Black+Sea+ICT+Clusters+Network