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Clusterize – Business Roaming Agreement (BRA)

Clusterize – Business Roaming Agreement (BRA) is a worldwide network of clusters, with the main scope to increase the collaboration between clusters and to be a useful platform to support the internationalization ventures of the members of the participating clusters. The goal is to visualise the cross-border connections between business service entities and make them all accessible preferably for small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) globally.

How does it work?

The signing cluster agrees to provide free access to its facilities to BRA partners and their members for a limited time without a charge. “Facilities” implies access to a desk, to a conference room for meeting cluster members, complimentary Internet access and local introductions to the clusters management. Moreover, the signing cluster agrees to offer the same services to visiting members of BRA partners as it does to its own members, i.e. same fees for services as their members would pay. BRA partners and their members can participate at events of other BRA partners under the same conditions and registration fees as their members.

Suppose for example you would like to hold a meeting in Karlsruhe and you need some workspace or a conference room? Simply make contact directly with the local BRA-partner via email or phone, and they will support you on your request.

This means that, as partner of the Business Roaming Agreement (BRA) you can offer to your cluster members, free access to infrastructure and cluster support in more than 80 different locations around the world.

Why joining the Network?

The Business Roaming Agreement works on a model of developing synergies through co-operation and facilitation among clusters.

The advantages of the BRA are multifaceted: companies that wish to develop internationally get priority access to foreign markets through direct local contacts who have knowledge of the market and ecosystem. Visiting cluster firms will have access to the infrastructure of partnering clusters, and the opportunity to experience the same conditions, and services local cluster members have.

The hosting clusters offering the workspaces benefit, too: they do not only get new customers for their own members but can create further linkages to other contacts from abroad and thus enable new business.

The membership of Business Roaming Agreement (BRA) is free of charge for all participating organizations.

Look who joint already

The BRA connects more than 50 clusters across the globe, as it offers cluster members soft-landing access when seeking to create collaborative (trading or research) linkages.

Check out BRA partners here: http://clusterize.org/member-list/