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Colombian Cluster Network (“Red Cluster Colombia” - RCC)

Colombia is currently undertaking the most important efforts in its history regarding to cluster development programs. One example is the Competitive Routes Program led by Innpulsa, a new Development and Innovation Unit under the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism, as part of Fiducoldex, the entity providing fiduciary solutions for commerce, industry and tourism sector. Other examples of clusters developments include the strategies undertaken by several Chambers of Commerce around the country. Through these efforts Colombia is starting to build local capabilities and teams that will allow these cluster agendas to growth and be replicated in other clusters and regions.

A preliminary count sums up to 87 cluster initiatives currently in Colombia.

Given this context, the Colombian Private Council on Competitiveness and Innpulsa decided to launch the Colombian Cluster Network (RCC – “Red Cluster Colombia” – www.redclustercolombia.com) as a way to catalyze these cluster development efforts and to shorten the country’s learning curve in these matters, through the articulation of actors and knowledge exchange. The RCC aims to achieve this objective through the implementation of a set of strategies and tools, such as:

  1. Map of all clusters initiatives in Colombia, which will allow the identification of potential areas of collaboration between RCC members: 

  1. Inventory of government programs and resources that could support cluster initiatives’ underlying agendas:

  1. Easy-to-use library with both theoretical and practical documents and relevant links:

  1. Content as webinars or forums aimed at sharing good and bad practices and addressing challenges faced by Colombian cluster practitioners:

However, what Colombia is doing in terms of its cluster development efforts –hopefully as part of its modern industrial policy– it should be certainly something worth learning about.

As the network that gathers all cluster efforts in Colombia, the RCC has set for his work in 2016 the design and test of a Tool for Cluster Monitoring and Evaluation.


PHONE:  (571) 742 7413 ext. 1008 – MAIL: redcluster@compite.com.co

CR9 #70A - 35 PISO 4, Bogotá D.C - Colombia 



The Colombian Private Council on Competitiveness is an independent non-profit organization, which acts as a bridge between the public and private sector in competitiveness-related matters, through its participation in the National Competitiveness and Innovation System.