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The Council of European BioRegions asbl (CEBR)

The Council of European BioRegions asbl (CEBR)
CEBR is a membership-driven network of life science clusters across Europe, with approximately 40 subscription members and hundreds of cluster partners across the world.  Together, we represent and support thousands of SMEs and hundreds of universities and research centres.
CEBR was founded over 10 years ago by clusters seeking to work directly together for stronger local and international development of Europe’s life science sector, primarily through the support of SME development within a cluster eco-system.

CEBR’s objectives include:

  • Improve support for cluster planning and management through sharing good practice and joint initiatives between regions
  • Reduce fragmentation of companies and regions in Europe
  • Transform competitiveness into cooperation between regions and clusters
  • Create a European platform for cluster-driven initiatives
  • Create a profile for European clusters on the world stage

CEBR activities include:

  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on issues concerning all aspects of cluster development.  2016 sees a focus on training and human resources in order that SMEs can access high quality training and professional development from clusters across Europe
  • Global Cluster Hub – bringing together clusters from across the world on key development topics, e.g. investment and internationalisation.  2016 has a focus on digital health (BIO Convention, San Francisco) and leveraging investment to your cluster (BIO-Europe, Cologne)
  • Specialist SME directories – Medical Device SME directory and hot list to showcase fast growing SMEs from all member clusters, creating critical mass and a focal point for investors and partners across the world
  • Cluster project development – clusters developing and implementing international projects where opportunities and results engage all member clusters for the benefit of their own services to their community.
  • Annual meeting – 1.5 day conference where members and other cluster managers come together around topics critical to cluster development and management.

CEBR members include:

  • Dedicated cluster management organisations e.g. BioM (Germany), Biocat (Spain)
  • Science parks e.g. Heidelberg Technology Park (Germany), Medeon (Sweden)
  • Business Networks e.g. One Nucleus, MediWales (UK)

Visit www.cebr.net to find out more about CEBR and how it can serve your cluster development, or contact Anaïs Le Corvec through info@cebr.net