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DIGITALNORWAY – Toppindustrisenteret AS is an industry-driven initiative to digitize Norwegian businesses. The initiative aims to become an arena that builds, connects and drives digitization projects across SMEs, institutes and industry giants. DIGITAL NORWAY is the centre of force and the hub for several expert networks. The company is an ideal, (non-profit) corporation with 15 leading Norwegian companies as owners, and with government bodies/public users as strategic members.


Areas of Interest:● Transport ● Telecommunications ● Software solutions ● Society ● Rules and Standards ● Renewables & Utilities ● Renewable energy ● Public Transport ● Oil & Gas ● Ocean space ● Microtechnology and nanotechnology ● Materials ● Mass Media ● Maritime ● Investment & Holdings ● Insurance ● Health and welfare ● Financial services ● Energy ● Electricity ● Digitalization ● Digital solutions & High-technology systems ● Defence & Aerospace ● Construction ● Climate and environment ● Chemicals ● Business Assurance ● Building and infrastructure ● Biotechnology ● Applied & Industrial research



Mission/Objectives: DIGITALNORWAY will contribute to increased pace in the digitization of Norway. We connect companies and experts together to share experience and expertise across industries and disciplines. ​Many businesses have come a long way in digitizing work processes, production and customer service models. Others are striving to figure out how to tackle the challenge. DIGITALNORWAY will be a venue for large and small businesses that will meet to learn from each other. ​ Among the owners are 15 of Norway's leading companies. In addition, we cooperate with research and education institutions, industry clusters and several of the best competence communities that Norway has tooffer. ​

Together we will:

  • gather and disseminate knowledge to the entire business community about digital business models and competence environments at home and abroad - assist businesses seeking to explore and test new business models - safely and on a small scale
  • provide tools for businesses that want to test their digital maturity and connect those who need help with leading expertise.
  • Develop services that small and large businesses can use to digitize their own business.


Members at our cluster nodes: Please visit the websites our cluster nodes to see our member lists.






Are the company and employees ready for the future?

DIGITALNORWAY has travelledthe entire country in recent years to mobilize Norwegian business. We have seen the nation gradually wake up and the conversation about the digital changes we are facing is now present at the authorities, in the media and businesses.

Digitization is now on the agenda - but what so?

In all the smoke of digital experts and proponents who cry out "disruption, disruption," most business leaders strive to understand what they must do differently to succeed. And only few of them have the resources and tools required to succeed. Therefore, DIGITALNORWAY launched it’s first service called DIGITAL MATURITY INDICATOR:


Digital Maturity Indicator (DMI) gives you insight into how well your business is ready to handle the changes your business faces. The service dives under the smoke from buzz words like AI, IOT, blockchain or machine learning. Instead, the service identifies the extent to which the business is able to renew expertise and business model so that it can reproduce itself in digital costume.

Our first users notice clear effect:

"The Digital Maturity Indicator and the subsequent workshop gave us the necessary push to seize the possibilities of digital sales of plumbing services." 

Tor Erik Sivertsen, general manager, S-Rør AS

"DMI have inspired us to disruptive thinking about our own future production. The result was a R & D project together with SINTEF in 3D printing." 

FrodeResve, General Manager, Securo AS.

"DMI has helped to give building and construction clusters in Verdal Industrial Park a better understanding of how digitization changes our framework conditions." 

Lars PetterSjøvold, Managing Director of Competence and General Manager of Byggmestran AS.

Now you can figure out how digital fashion you are, by:Take the test now!

We also offer the test for your industry / innovation company, your business, your management team or your board. For these, there is a tailor-made workshop where we can visualize what the results mean to you. 

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Get to know your new challengers before they challenge you!

Internationally, 9 out of 10 senior executives estimate that their business will be "disrupted" by digital business models. In Norway, the leaders realize that digitization causes major changes in society, but only 2 percent fear about their own profitability and core business.

In Disruption Lab, DIGITALNORWAY's best experts will challenge your business to specific dilemmas and challenges you face.

DIGITAL NORWAY offers to tailor a process for you as a leader, your board or your management team to break the nuts you do not get on with. In this process, we will mobilize the very best forces the country can put, so that you can make decisions and move on.

Disruption Lab helps you because:

  • Digitization affects entire industry systems and individual businesses. Trends and predictability are replaced with breach and uncertainty
  • Business model, value creation processes and requirements for roles and competencies often snuff on their heads
  • Businesses that are mature know that they are facing trends or dilemmas they do not overshadow.

A Disruption Lab is a safe choice; The centre is a neutral party that adjusts the scheme to your business and mobilizes the best available academic expertise, researches and clings around the issues you are in the middle of and do not get on with.

Practical implementation

The implementation of a disruption loss goes over 5 steps:

  • Collect : Identify goals, purpose, describe challenge / dilemma / uncertainty and device and involvement of your own organization and what kind of expertise is required.
  • Prepare : Through academia, research and clusters create necessary knowledge objects that can help highlight possible solutions to the challenges.
  • Mobilize : Estimate time, summon participants experts, put expectations.
  • Conduct : A specially designed and intense workbook that lasts a couple of days where the world's best expertise and your participants break the code.
  • Summarize : Create decision-making basis and road selection

The Disruption Suspension will give you the basis for making decisions based on:

  • Overview of relevant trends and technologies and how they affect the company's business model and the industry system the business is part of
  • Articulation of challenge / dilemma / uncertainty
  • Knowledge objects from relevant academic environments that highlight the challenges
  • Content of strategy and roadmap for digitization
  • Decision basis and directions

We want to crack demanding nuts with DIGITALNORWAY!

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We bring together innovative players to build future winners.

Digitization is an equally revolutionary force like electricity, the car and the phone were in their time. In the next five years, a number of established industries will be challenged, and new wineries will grow.

Individual companies are usually unable to change the industry alone. But by playing teams with other business actors, universities and authorities, Norway can succeed in building the future of digital society and industry.

DIGITALNORWAY's industry transformation is based on:

  • Value creation will in the future increasingly take place in interacting ecosystems and the desire, will and ability to build such teams will be business critical the next five years in most industries and industries
  • DIGITALNORWAY will provide the necessary framework to create transformation as well as support and conduct the professional and administrative processes.
  • DIGITALNORWAY will draw on Norway's leading digital competence, through the Executive Forum and Expert Network.

If you see a challenge that is heavy to lift by yourself, contact for a chat!



DIGITALNORWAY brings together Norway's leading expertise to advise on the future.

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Our digital technologies today challenge established processes and organizations.

The expertise networks gather experts, suppliers, users, authorities and stakeholders to explore new digital technologies, platforms and business models. This creates knowledge and competence with value both for participants in the Competence Network and for the owners, members and users of DIGITALNORWAY.

Competence networks will help to:

  • Further develop insights into specific digital technologies
  • Establish best practices for procuring and using new technology
  • Build networks with experts and stakeholders across Norwegian business, academia and government

The first competence network deals with blockchain and been launched recently: https://www.digitalnorway.org/blockchain-forum

Through this forum, our goal is to connect organizations and people interested in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) with experts, technology providers, technology seekers, regulators and enthusiasts, to develop an environment that fosters innovation.  Our mission is to establish this forum as a place of conversation of Blockchain and DLT, and to provide relevant connections and information/updates in the field.



We give your board or your management team the insight they need to put you on the right course.

The boards set the course for Norwegian business. Investigations show boards lack understanding of opportunities and threats digitization brings with it.

Such competence is important for strategy work, and to understand the need for necessary investments.

DIGITALNORWAY develops a program that analyses and further develops the digital skills of the boards. The program can also be taken by members in nomination committees and in top management teams.

What does the steering program provide?

There are currently different courses for board members. Most of them focus primarily on the more formal aspects of governance, and to a limited extent provide expertise about strategic drivers.

The DIGITALNORWAY control program focuses on how digitization affects the business, its environment, leadership requirements, and opportunities for streamlining operations. The control program acts as an optional module that can be linked to established drivers or taken as a standalone program for those who have been through other drivers.

The program is suitable for all boards and offers a relevant range of modules that can be combined into a program that fits any board.

Practical information

The control program consists of three modules and access to three of DIGITALNORWAY's services.

  • iDMI - Individual Digital Maturity Indicator to map the level of competence within digitization. This is a questionnaire based on self-assessment, and can be performed as part of general board evaluation.
  • Workshop - updates the board of the most prominent digital technology drivers, coupled with discussion and reflection on relevant business examples. Workshop is adapted so that it can be taken as part of an extended board meeting.
  • Course for board members - The course is designed as a workshop for board members. Duration is one day and the course covers the most important digital technology drivers like digital business models, digital marketing, interaction and sales, digital platform economics and cybersecurity. The course is set up as a combination of lectures and case assignments. The main purpose of the course is to enable board members to ask the right questions to the administration in relation to digitization, as well as to understand how the technological forces affect the business.

In addition to the three above-mentioned modules, the board will also consist of a conference specifically adapted for board members, access to experts from the DIGITALNORWAY Expert Network, as well as access to online resources through DigitalHub.

The unique with DIGITALNORWAY's board of directors is access to experience and case from the full width of Norwegian business, as well as access to experts in a wide range of digital technologies.

The control program is adapted to the needs of each board.

Do you want to know more? Contact DIGITALNORWAY!


Our National Projects for SMEs:

1. Omstillingsmotoren (Innovation Norway's ConversionEngine Program)

The conversion engine is a new initiative in the cluster program, which will allow companies across the country to gain access to updated expertise, methods and tools in areas such as innovation, sustainability and potential technologies important for Norwegian business in the next few years. This will help speed up the renewal and conversion of products, solutions, services, production methods and business models.

The conversion engine will give the country's best cluster the opportunity to further develop expertise, technology and networks to internationally leading environments (development arena), against sharing expertise, technology and networks with SMEs that have the will and ability to convert (competence lift) outside own cluster.

The consortium consisting of DIGITALNORWAY, NCE iKuben, NCE Smart Innovation Norway, NCE Systems Engineering Kongsberg, receives NOK 14 million from Innovation Norway to help turn small and medium-sized Norwegian companies into business.

The group gets status as a conversion engine as part of a new program that will accelerate digitization and increase the innovation capacity of more than 200 SMEs across the country. The scheme means that SMEs who qualify for assistance will receive grants to make use of the grouping services. Part of the support will also go to develop the internship within the grouping and to select which SMEs will receive support.

More info at:


Digital21 is about the business community's ability and ability to develop and apply new technology and knowledge as well as increasing digitalization.

We will submit recommendations for the government in September 2018 and will implement this as a process in which business is involved in several ways.

The government has established Digital21 to look at how to strengthen the business community's ability and ability to both develop and apply new technology and knowledge in line with the increasing digitization.

Digital21 will provide strategic advice and recommendations to the government on what public authorities can do to help business succeed.

There will be a broad and comprehensive strategy across different industries and competence environments and will cover a wide range of recommendations with both short and long time horizons such as competence development, prioritization of research and development, infrastructure and public frameworks.

The goal is to enable Norwegian business to better meet challenges and exploit opportunities resulting from increased digitalization by developing and utilizing expertise and technology.

DIGITALNORWAY is the Secretariat for Digita21. More information at: https://www.digital21.no/


Contact for ECCP and Internationalization/EU H2020 Collaborations: