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Efficient Sustainable Manufacturing Auvergne Rhone Alpes

Partners of the network

• 3 regional clusters of the Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

• Part of the Regional “Factory of the future” network 

Objectives and main tasks

1. Coordination of  « Advanced & Smart Manufacturing » in the frame of the regional network “Factory of the future” as part of the regional smart specialization priority

2. Regional contact point for the Manufuture European technology platform

3. Animation of the regional eco-system and connection with others regional organizations (business networks, agencies, chambers of commerce…)

4. Local contact points for companies and SMEs with different regional offices

5. Link with European initiatives such as European Strategic Clusters Partnerships (ESCP), Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) and Vanguard initiative, especially ESM pilot case.

Areas of cooperation

• Production upscaling of new materials in (e.g. composites, multi-material systems,….)

• Industrialization of innovative processes such as:

• Additive manufacturing

• Nano-manufacturing upscaling,

• Smart product design and production:

• Hybrid processes (printing, molding, stamping, laser, technologies surface chemical and mechanical functioning….)

• Processes combination & hybridization on new processing

• Advanced, collaborative and mobile robotics

• High Performance Computing

• Smart, flexible and distributed maintenance

• Human Machine Interface (Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality)

• New business models for growing markets:

• Agile and adaptive production systems

• Production capacities based on “internet of things”

• Product – service optimization     


Contact: Jean-Jacques LEGAT / Jean-Jacques.Legat@plastipolis.fr