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European Automotive Strategy Network - EASN


About EASN and its targets

EASN is mainly active in establishing Europe-wide consortia and the development and delivery of EU projects. Thereby the focus of EASN lies on accelerating the implementation of sustainable mobility, electric mobility as well as smart mobility (ITS) and on strengthening industry (SME) competitiveness in the involved areas.

In 2008 EASN has been established as a platform for European automotive regions and clusters as well as their companies, institutes and authorities. EASN aims at:

  • Identifying opportunities for improving industry and SME competitiveness in the EU automotive industry
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration, enabling co-operation & joint EU projects
  • Facilitating EU project development and supporting the development of EU funding applications
  • Via the results of the EU projects, contributing to policy making at EU and national level

Via its clusters and other partners, EASN promotes:

  • In-depth knowledge of the regional situations,
  • Access to the Automotive industry, institutes and universities in the respective regions;
  • Close contacts to SME companies in these regions;
  • Access to local, national and EU government

In short, it is a powerful network connecting the main automotive regions and clusters in Europe.


EASN the organisation

EASN is a network organisation. The partners of EASN jointly develop EU projects. EASN is a network organisation whose members jointly develop EU projects.

The most active members of the EASN network are:

  • Bayern Innovativ, Germany;
  • Mowinet, Regionalmanagement Hessen, Germany;
  • FIER Automotive, Netherlands;
  • Cardiff University, Wales, UK;
  • Action Renewables, Belfast UK;

In the projects developed by EASN in the recent years, a range of EU organisations have been actively involved, including;

  • Bayern Innovativ, Germany;
  • Mowinet, Regionalmanagement Hessen, Germany;
  • Autocluster NRW, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany;
  • Hochshule Kempten, Germany;
  • Campus Auto, Francorchamps, Belgium;
  • FIER Automotive, Netherlands;
  • Foundation Limburg Electric / Province of Limburg, the Netherlands;,
  • AutomotiveNL, Netherlands;
  • Cardiff University, Wales, UK;
  • Action Renewables, Belfast UK;
  • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, UK;
  • Future Transport Systems, Newcastle, UK;
  • Intelli Lisbon (Portugal);
  • Egiselec/Irseem, Haute Normandie, France;
  • Pole Vehicule de Future, Alsace, France;
  • Energy Supply Board ESB, Ireland;
  • And many others. 


EASN the history

EASN originates from 5 pan-European and EU funded projects in which Automotive clusters and organisations have developed innovative and effective methods for networking amongst Automotive regions.

  • NEAC
  • TCAS
  • BeLCAR
  • I-CAR-O


Automotive Regions

The present partners that are participating in the projects of EASN today were among the leading and most pro-active partners in these consortia at the time.


Contact: Rob Kroon  + 31 6 2273 0018  rkroon@fier.net