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France Clusters

Who we are

France Cluster is a network of almost 150 French cluster organisations and their 1,000 employees working as cluster management teams. They represent around 60,000 French enterprises and 1,000,000 employees in all sectors and all regions in France.France Clusters counts around 15,000 followers amongst its institutional and financial partners, as well as its regional, national and European partners.

Our mission

Since 1997, France Clusters has been accompanying clusters in their work with enterprises, with the purpose of:

  • Being a place for dialogue and exchange of experiences among clusters as well as a link for interclustering cooperation both at French and international level
  • Being a services and training centre, so to support the enhancement of the professional skills of cluster managers and their operational teams
  • Being a promoting centre and a think tank for public institutions, so to disseminate good practices, perform new research works on clusters topics and influence public policies

To achieve its goals, France Clusters works in partnership with several private and public bodies, including, among others, regional and local authorities, regional and innovation development agencies, universities and business schools, private investors, and trade unions.
All in all, France Clusters is a national cluster hub.

Our services and activities

As a place for dialogue and exchange, we organise working groups, co-production workshops, technical seminars and other events with the purpose of sharing good practices and fostering interclustering cooperation.
As a services and training centre, we offer certified trainings, trainings “à la carte” as well as tailor-made training sessions according to specific needs on cluster-related issues (such as business models for cluster organisations or the development of collaborative innovation), but also on European funding and projects, international development, communication as well as legal and financial issues.

As a representative body of the large clusters’ community and a think tank for institutions (at local, regional, national and European level), we disseminate good practices through our communication tools and our events (such as the European Cluster Days or the European Innovation crossroads), we offer individual support to local authorities and we explore new topics where clusters can be a key success factor, so to influence public policies (publication of research studies and informative notes)

If you wish to know more about France Clusters, check our website www.franceclusters.fr, follow our activities on Twitter and Facebook, watch the Clusters TV on Dailymotion or get in contact directly with us!

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]