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France IT Network

Since 2009, the French digital clusters expressed their need to work together in order to increase their performance and consequently, their company member’s. One year later, France IT was born out of a national French digital clusters consortium. Nowadays, France IT is the national network of 14 digital clusters, gathering 2 500 digital companies.

Our first mission consists in enhancing closer relation and cooperation between digital clusters: sharing knowledges, experiences, methods and tools. Based on the digital clusters operational work, France IT benefits from a global understanding of the digital transition challenge in France and is consequently, one of the legitimate interlocutor to work on this problematic. We also foster access to innovation at a national and international level through promoting collective actions of the French digital clusters abroad. Last but not least, we also aspire to be the privileged interlocutor for the national and international organizations on digital issues applied to economic and territorial development in France.

Cluster network members :

AND OUEST  http://www.adnouest.org

ALIPTIC http://www.aliptic.net

CITC EURARFID www.citc-eurarfid.com

DIGITAL PLACE http://www.digitalplace.fr

MEDINSOFT  http://www.medinsoft.com

NANCY NUMERIQUE www.nancynumerique.net

NUMELINK http://www.numelink.com

PAYS BASQUE DIGITAL www.pays-basque-digital.fr

POLE REGIONAL NUMERIQUE (PRN)  http://www.prn.asso.fr

RESONANCE www.cluster-resonance.fr

RHENATIC http://www.rhenatic.eu

SPN http://www.spn.asso.fr

SYRPIN www.syrpin.org


More info on France IT  are available here.

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