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France Water Team (FWT)

The three French water clusters, AQUA-VALLEYDREAM and HYDREOS gathered to create their federation France Water Team (FWT). FWT, based in Montpellier, represents a network of more than 500 active members among economic, research, academic, and public water-related actors. FWT also promotes the development of collaborative R&D projects allowing exceptional innovation for water and aquatic environment technologies.

FWT aims then at developing solutions addressing the major challenges of water: metrology, resilience to climate change, fight against emerging pollution, resilient infrastructures, smart water management, digital transition, water reuse, and so on.

The roadmap 2019-2022 of the national water competitiveness cluster is defined in two main axes: supporting SME’s development and fostering innovation, through the launch of major structuring projects on water quality and resources management.

To run this program, FWT focuses on the rise of water-related digital technologies such as: artificial intelligence, blockchain, connected objects, smart grids, and new network technologies.

Besides, the three water clusters keep their strong local commitments to carry on their actions with the actors of Occitanie/Pyrenees-Mediterranean, South Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur,  Centre- Val de Loire and Grand Est Regions.

Why the federation France Water Team?

  • Strengthening strategic and operational cooperation to address the challenges of water
  • Giving a high ambition for the water sector
  • Promoting the excellence of the French water industry in Europe and internationally

Areas of interest:

  • Water & cities
  • Water & agriculture
  • Water & industries
  • Water in the wellness activities and health
  • Water & natural habitat


Website: http://france-water-team.com/fr/presentation/

The 3 founding members:

DREAM http://www.poledream.org/en/

AQUA-VALLEY : http://www.pole-eau.com/en

HYDREOS https://www.hydreos.fr/EN/home.html