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Furniture and Woodworking Cluster Partnership

Who we are:

The Furniture and Woodworking Cluster partnership (FWCP) is an initiative that currently brings together seven cluster initiatives in the furniture and woodworking sector from six European countries.

The clusters represent a total number more than 2.780 members, of which more than 2.660 are SMEs.

The basic motivation for establishing a partnership was an international cooperation in the field of scientific research and development, technology and know-how transfer, internationalization, as well as preparation of joint international projects leading to European Strategic Cluster Partnership.

Our main objective:

Main objective is provision of full and effective cooperation among the parties with a purpose to future development and strengthening of mutual relations in the field of furniture and woodworking industry with an emphasis on implementing and adopting of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), creating a 2020-2030 agenda for SMEs, sharing knowledge on the SDG topic, creating competitive advantages and promoting best practices.

Main focus of cooperation:

  • preparation of a joint project proposals aimed at developing a strategic partnership, the internationalisation of the clusters within appropriate call from relevant programmes;
  • activities leading to share experiences and good practices among partners with emphasis of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • enhancing cluster managers' skills towards added-value SME support services;
  • supporting the development of a comprehensive cluster strategy for individual clusters, including for strengthened interregional/transnational collaboration and partnership development across EU value chains and wider;
  • intensive cooperation with universities to exchange information, transfer experiences and spread new trends from academic to manufacturing environment and vice versa;
  • focusing on innovation and design;
  • organising twinning, collaboration, networking and learning activities and cooperation projects.

Our members:

Name ECCP profile Website
Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers (Czech Republic) Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers http://www.furniturecluster.cz/?language=en
Cluster Legno, Arredo e Sistema Casa FVG SRL Consortile (taly) Cluster Legno Arredo e Sistema Casa FVG http://www.clusterarredo.com/
HABIC - Basque Habitat, Wood, Hospitality and Design Cluster (Spain) HABIC BASQUE HABITAT, WOOD, OFFICE & HOSPITALITY CLUSTER http://www.habic.eus/
Interior Cluster Sweden Interior Cluster Sweden http://interiorcluster.se/
Pro Wood Regional Wood Cluster (Romania) PRO WOOD Regional Wood Cluster http://www.prowood.ro/
Transylvanian Furniture Cluster (Romania) Transylvanian Furniture Cluster http://www.transylvanianfurniture.com/
Wood Industry Cluster (Slovenia) Wood Industry Cluster https://www.lesarski-grozd.si/en/

The Furniture and Woodworking Cluster Partnership is an open partnership in which other clusters can join. The partnership is open to clusters focusing on furniture, woodworking and interior design.

Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers
Monika Perďochová