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Global Cleantech Cluster Association

GCCA is a fully independent and open platform designed to support the development towards a shared economy and low carbon prosperity. As a meta-cluster GCCA provides access to capital, corporates, markets and insights.
With the GCCA Deployment HUB Network and its digital platforms in Europe, Asia and North America, GCCA drives the modernization of cross-border business collaboration by converging physical and digital cluster ecosystems.

A GCCA focus task is the development of new financial mechanisms to enable large-scale commercial deployment of proven technologies. Goal is to provide an investment alternative at appropriate risk and return expectations for institutional investors, e.g. pension funds.


Vision of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) is to drive sustainable regional economic development, on a global scale.




A list of all cluster members can be found here: http://globalcleantech.org/en/custom/cluster/directory


GCCA's digital platforms (Deployment HUBs):

Nordic Innovation Accelerator in the Nordics: https://www.nordicinnovationaccelerator.com

YODEL in Switzerland and Liechtenstein: http://www.yodelhub.ch

Chinook in Canada: http://cd-hub.ca

GTED2.0 in Little Rock, Arkansas: http://gted20.com

Platform in Taiwan: coming soon


Why join the network?

Join the GCCA cluster network and benefit from customized services:

- GCCA Deployment HUB Network

- Annual GCCA Later Stage Award

- Multi-Asset Renewal Fund/MARF programs

- Best Practices and Webinars

- Local, Global Office




BioEnergy / BioMaterials

CleanWeb / Sustainable IT

Food / Urban Agriculture

Green Buildings

Lighting / Energy Efficiency


Energy Storage / Smart Grid


Waste Management