The International Cleantech Network is an exclusive network of cleantech clusters from the world’s leading cleantech regions that aims to generate new business opportunities, enhance competitive advantages and create value for companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities across cluster regions. ICN’s vision is to be the leading global network of the best performing cleantech cluster organizations from around the world.ICN’s mission is to create direct value for stakeholders belonging to the clusters, such as companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities, by using international cooperation to enhance their competitive advantages in the global market.

Cleantech Areas

  • Smart City
  • Smart Grid
  • Agriculture & Environment
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Building
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Water & waste management
  • Transportation 

ICN main objectives:

  • Stimulate project development and establish project consortia
  • Provide business opportunities for SMEs
  • Share best practice knowledge, business intelligence and other relevant news amongst the members

Why become a Member?
International Cleantech Network has a proven track record of providing added value for its members on several levels. Contracts have been negotiated during ICN meetings and network events, as well as carrying out common projects (such as EC2i, an EU COSME program) amongst the cluster members of ICN. Besides that, we support the SMEs of the clusters through a number of services, including ICN Passport, ICN Challenges, and ICN Newsflash.  

The ICN Passport service is a special service that allows for ICN members to exploit business opportunities abroad using other clusters as a one-stop-entry, using the cluster facilities as a working station, meeting facilities and to get valuable contacts from a cluster that knows the local network. ICN Challenges is a tender service that connects projects cities and organizations with solution providers from the ICN members. Further, ICN has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Alliance of Efficient Solutions, with the objective of connecting SMEs with the World Alliance’s “1000 Efficient Solutions” label.  

ICN is also the perfect meeting place for exchanging knowledge about cluster management and the newest developments in the cleantech world. Subsequently, ICN has been recognized in a number of reports as a network that contributes significantly to the green growth on the global stage.

When becoming an ICN member you will have access partners, markets, and expertise. 

ICN Members
CLEAN (Copenhagen, Denmark) - http://cleancluster.dk/en/
Cleantech Alps (Sion, Switzerland) - http://www.cleantech-alps.com/en/
Tenerrdis (Grenoble, France) - http://www.tenerrdis.com/en/
Clean Tech Delta (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) - http://www.cleantechdelta.nl
Ecotech Quebec (Quebec, Canada) - http://ecotechquebec.com/en
GreenCape (Cape Town, South Africa) - http://greencape.co.za/
Greentech South (United Kingdom) - http://www.greentechsouth.com/
Green Tech Cluster (Graz, Austria) - https://www.greentech.at/en/
Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster (North Carolina, USA) - http://www.researchtrianglecleantech.org/
Nordic Edge (Stavanger, Norway) - https://www.nordicedgecluster.org/
TWEED (Liege, Belgium) - http://clusters.wallonie.be/tweed-en/

Flux50 (Brussels, Belgium) - https://flux50.com/
Sustainable Business Hub (Malmo, Sweden) - http://sbhub.se/eng


For more information, please go to our website at www.internationalcleantechnetwork.com or contact us at