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Lithuanian Cluster Network KlasterLT

Founded in 2019, based on previous clustering initiative “Inoklaster LT”, the Lithuanian Cluster Network represents and promotes Lithuanian clusters nationally and worldwide. It is a partnership of 57 cluster organizations aiming at cross-sectorial innovation, building regional value chains and helping SMEs to get new knowledge, to access to new markets and bigger contracts. The network has two key partners, the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (National Innovation agency) and the Lithuanian Innovation Center.

KLASTER.LT is an intermediator - it connects the Lithuanian clusters into a strong internationally visible network through cooperation and international participation.

The network members cover these industrial sectors:

  • Agro & Food
  • Laser
  • Automotive
  • Creative
  • Photonics
  • Medicine
  • Wood and construction
  • Tourism
  • ICT

Common activities:

  • Development of the Lithuanian Cluster Network by promoting the cluster concept as a tool for higher added value and competitiveness, locally and in internationally.
  • Representation of Lithuanian Clusters at national and international level, as well in the European Cluster Alliance;
  • Development of common initiatives, projects, trainings and events in Lithuania and internationally;
  • Strengthen cooperation and coordinated actions for cluster policy development in Lithuania.

The network is presided by Giedrius Bagušinskas and coordinated by Irmina Valytė. In the list below you can find some of the best performing Lithuanian clusters:

You can find all the cluster members of the network on www.klaster.lt.  

Brochure about top clusters in Lithuania

Network members: 57 clusters

Total number of SME’s: 777

Coordinator Contact: [email protected]