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National Cluster Association of the Czech Republic (NCA)

The National Cluster Association of the Czech Republic (NCA) brings together cluster organizations and cluster-supportive bodies with the purpose to coordinate the sustainable development of cluster initiatives and to develop cluster policy in the Czech Republic on the basis of concentration of knowledge, experience and expertise.

The overall aim of this is to strengthen the competitiveness of the involved businesses and industries both on regional and national levels of the Czech Republic.

The NCA was established as a non-for-profit, non-government association of individuals and legal bodies in 2008.


Mission of the NCA


The National Cluster Association creates a competent long-term platform for the development of cluster initiatives within the Czech Republic and acts as an active interface for their internationalization.

The role and activities of the NCA

  1. Cluster information, communication and knowledge centre
  • the cluster expertise and assistance providing organization listening to its members, promoting and interlinking them, bridging with the public and government.
  1. Partner for central organs of the Czech Republic and international institutions
  • a useful social and communication partner of central government organs of the Czech Republic and a partner of relevant organizations on the international scene, facilitator of the transnational cluster cooperation.
  1. Consultancy point for development of  new cluster initiatives
  • a functional coordination center aggregating and interpreting necessary statistic and factual information on behalf of all cluster organizations and initiatives nationally.
  1. Cluster awareness building, training and promotion
  • the partner of the European, national and regional fund managing bodies to implement feasible, motivating but demanding conditions for cluster organizations within their programs so that they can complete their mission, fulfil the expectations and leverage additional values.
  1. Facilitator of inter-cluster cooperation and cluster internationalisation
  • the watch and strategic integrator for emerging innovative sectors, services and technologies to revise the national/regional policies, priorities and give new visions.


Benefits of the NCA


  • Strengthening the role of clusters in innovation processes and development strategies within the Czech Republic.
  • Boosting dynamic development in key sectors and emerging technology-based clusters.
  • Providing institutional support for cluster organizations and initiatives – helping to strengthen the foundations of developing knowledge regions.
  • Helping to raise efficiency and quality in cluster management by training and advising.
  • Harnessing the potential offered by social capital and innovation based on shared knowledge and relationships of trust among SMEs, industry leaders, the public sector and universities.
  • Promoting effective, proven solutions on an international scale.


The NCA member base is represented by the Czech leading cluster organisations and cluster-supportive infrastructure:



Pavla Bruskova, President

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.nca.cz


Postal address:

National Cluster Association

U Tiskarny 616/9, 70200 Ostrava

Czech Republic



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/National-Cluster-Association-187454914639619/