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PIC Plant InterCluster

Our focus:

Nowadays, agriculture is facing the global challenge to feed the world. Climate changes, reduction of pesticides, sustainable use of resources are strongly impacting our sector and particularly plant industry. To overpass these barriers, several plant clusters decided to join their effort and facilitate the linkage between innovative projects.

PIC Plant InterCluster Map

The Plant InterCluster has almost 10 years and built a strong international network with clusters around those sectors: cider, cereals, fruit and vegetables, ornamental horticulture, medicinal plants, mushrooms, seeds and winegrowing.This international and sectorial network works thanks to a common vision and motivation from its stakeholders. Born in France with 3 Plant clusters, in 2018, even if the coordination remains in the hands of VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, 5 others European clusters joined the steering committee. In December 2020, the 10 european clusters signed a common MoU. This commitment ensures a sustainable action between clusters with clear objectives and roadmap.

Our objectives are:

  • Exchanges of best practices in innovation governance,
  • Support of technological cooperation and partnerships for innovation
  • Identification of complementary international skills in order to remove technological bottlenecks
  • International business opportunities (prospection and commercial values).

Who is part of the Plant InterCluster Network ?

Name Country Contact
Agri Sud Ouest Innovation FRANCE
Innov’alliance FRANCE [email protected]innovalliance.com
Greenport West-Holland NETHERLANDS
AgroClusterRibatejo PORTUGAL [email protected]
CTA SPAIN [email protected]
Biovegen SPAIN [email protected]
Ind.Agro.Pol ROMANIA [email protected]

Our actions:

  • Monthly online meeting: This regular meeting aims to get a better understanding of our respective ecosystem, identify potential collaboration for EU projects (interclustering or for our members), discuss about new services or events for clusters.
  • PIC Meeting: Since 2011, the PIC network organizes a 2-days event with: conferences, thematic workshops, B2B and fields visits. It has been held in France every two years but also, in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. 
  • EU projects : Several projects came out from PIC network and PIC meeting. The discussion allows to anticipate better the future calls for proposals and identify the consortium in advance (COSME, Innosup, Erasmus+…).

How to join us?

Your cluster works in plant industry or related to plants?

Your members want to get a contact in one of those sectors? Plant Breeding, Plant and seeds health, AgTech, Preservation of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, innovating growing methods…

We are glad to receive you in our network, write to [email protected]epolys-valley.eu to received news from us!