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Romanian Cluster Association - CLUSTERO

Founded in 2011, the CLUSTERO is the representative body of Romanian clusters and the main platform of cooperation, exchange of information and support towards the development of the national cluster landscape based on innovation and internationalization.

Currently the Association gathers 42 of the most active Romanian clusters in fields such as:  textiles, renewable energy, electronics and software, machine building, wood and furniture, agrofood etc.

The Association offers regular information on regulations regarding the clusters’ activity, sources and possibilities of financing, events, etc., support and consulting for the establishment, development and collaboration within and between clusters through network formation, supports members’ interests at national level in their relations with national and international bodies (the Romanian Government, the European Union, etc.), monitors and assesses cluster performance, organises courses and specific trainings.

Currently the Romanian Cluster Association focuses on 3 main challenges faced by the Romanian clusters:

  • Enhancing innovation and internationalization of cluster members. In that respect, CLUSTERO supports its members by means of organizing business reviews and innovation audits at the level of cluster SMEs; organizes inward and outward company missions and brokerage events in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network etc
  • Supporting excellence of the cluster management by means of specific trainings organized in cooperation with renowned international organisations such as France Clusters, Business Upper Austria, Lucia Seel Consulting etc.
  • Fostering international exchange of experience and participation to join initiatives and projects. The Romanian Cluster Association organizes an international annual conference as well as other regional and international events. It is part of the “Vukovar Agreement” concluded in 2013 between the cluster association from Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania aimed at intensifying cooperation between cluster actors in the countries mentioned above.

As a result of the evaluation performed by the ESCA experts,  currently there are: 1 Romanian cluster with a gold label, 3 clusters with a silver label and 25 cluters with a bronze label for excellence in cluster management. 


This represents an outstanding performance in line with the ambitious objectives assumed by the Romanian Cluster Association – CLUSTERO “of putting Romania on the European Cluster Map”. Above all, it is a well - deserved recognition of the efforts and commitment of the cluster management teams who struggled to support a sustainable competitive development of their member SMEs based on innovation and internationalisation, while facing a rather unfavourable national context, marked by lack of continuity and inconsistency in terms of cluster policy and according financial and non-financial support schemes.

Daniel Cosnita


[email protected]