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S3 Cluster Pilot

S3 Cluster Pilot  - a National platform of Clusters prioritized in Regional Smart Specialization Strategies in Sweden and in order to strengthen SMEs

The overall purpose is to strengthen cluster management by learning and exchanges of experiences. The objective is to strengthen the clusters’ strategic ability and competitiveness. The 22 clusters in the S3 Pilot gather around 2 400 organizations.

The clusters had to have a recommendation from their region and be part of the S3 and:

  • Be well established and known in the regional innovation system
  • Show how they work with SMEs (from their interest, engagement and needs)
  • Have eligible objective and strategy for how to become internationally known
  • Show how the cluster is based in a Triple Helix context
  • Have a clear idea and strategy for sustainable development (Agenda 2030)
  • Having activities focusing “low hanging fruits” towards SMEs

All clusters are certified at Bronze Level.

We arrange workshops/seminars (2018-2021) within areas as: Cluster management and cluster strategies, Cluster services, Internationalization etc. The areas have been selected by aggregated cluster analysis and workshop.

Mobile Heights, Skåne  www.mobileheights.org

IUC Skåne, Skåne  www.iucsyd.se

Techtank, Blekinge   www.techtank.se

Interior Cluster, Kronoberg  www.interiorcluster.se

Automation Småland, Jönköping   www.automationsmaland.se

Smart Textiles, Västra Götaland   www.smarttextiles.se

Agro Väst, Västra Götaland   www.agrovast.se

IoT World, Östergötland   www.mjardevi.se

Aerospace Cluster, Östergötland   www.aerospaceclustersweden.com

Urban ICT Arena, Stockholm  www.urbanictarena.se

Tillverkningstekniskt centrum, Örebro   www.ttckarslkoga.se

Compare, Värmland    wwwcompare.se

Paper Province, Värmland  www.paperprovince.com

Automation Region, Västmanland    www.automationregion.com

Järnvägsklustret, Västmanland   www.jarnvagsklustet.se

Triple Steelix, Dalarna   www.triplesteelix.se

Visit Dalarna, Dalarna    www.visitdalarna.se/corporate

Fiber Optic Valley, Gävleborg    www.fiberopticvalley.com

Bron Innovation, Västernorrland   www.broninnovation.se

Georange, Västerbotten   www.georange.se

AI & Big Data Innovations, Norrbotten    www.sics.se/groups/rise-sics-north

EntreprenörsdrivetFöretagsnav   www.house-be.com and www.gomorronostesund.se


Contact: Ewa Andersson, Tillväxtverket, [email protected] or Cecilia Johansson, [email protected]