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Serbian Cluster Association

Serbian Cluster Association – SCAN has been created on the foundation of long-term cooperation of clusters in Serbia.

As a national-level Association, SCAN serves as a platform for cooperation among clusters, and support creation of new cluster initiatives and their development. Building a partner network with national and international institutions, donor community, as well as creating platform for lobbying toward governmental structures, including business and academia, will certainly be some of the primary activities of the Association.

The story about clusters is the story of comradeship, solidarity, focus, shared goals and success. SCAN gathers Serbian clusters around those values and inspires long-term efforts.

The seven clusters from different sectors are the founders of the Serbian Cluster Association: Vojvodina ICT Cluster - VOICT, Autocluster Serbia, ICT Network, Vojvodina Metal Cluster - VMC, Fashion and Apparel Cluster of Serbia - FACTS, Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies - NiCAT, and ICT Cluster of Central Serbia. Members of these clusters have 30,000+ employees and create annual revenues that amount to over €1,000,000,000 – and the most of it in exports.

In the coming period, through increase in the number of members, these numbers will surely grow for Serbian Cluster Association.


Contact and info:

email: [email protected]

phone: +381 21 3000 302