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The Cluster House is an initiator and a coordinator of the Serbian Cluster Network, based on the signed MoUs with the Serbian Clusters Community and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported by governmental institutions, academia and international organizations such as LEDIB and LEADER in 2012.

The Cluster House is an innovative business development organization for support to cluster –based economic development in the Balkan and Black Sea Region, founded upon the initiative of seven clusters from South East Serbia with technical support of the Danish LEDIB Programme for Local Economic Development in the Balkans in 2011.

Balkan Cluster Day in Nis, March 25, 2016

The Cluster House is a facilitation manager of the Serbian clusters collaboration platform of 47 Serbian cluster organizations. There are more than 80 clusters in Serbia with more than 47.000 cluster members – around 85% SMEs and about 120.000 employees. The Cluster House is coordinating the Balkan Cluster – an electronic platform for cross border cluster cooperation between Bulgaria and Serbia including over 35 cluster members.

12 reasons for the membership:

  • Always timely informed
  • In the network of clusters in Serbia
  • Support in connecting with partners in the country and abroad
  • Offer of business services that you need
  • Advice on options to use available local and international funds
  • Participants in projects of the CLUSTER HOUSE and its partners
  • Beneficiaries of the professional and logistic support of CLUSTER HOUSE
  • Promoted in the unique magazine for clusters in Serbia - Infocluster
  • Promoted in a specialized cable TV show CLUSTERS IN SERBIA
  • Participants at the International October Conference DAYS OF CLUSTERS in Nis
  • Participants at the BUSINESS CLUSTER CLUBS, trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Beneficiaries of the innovative TRAINING CENTRE FOR CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT


The Cluster House Info Centre has developed business network with over 3000 contacts with experts in the field of economic development, institutions and entrepreneurs in the region and on the global level.

The membership is free and the mission of the Network is making of the cluster synergy in Serbia and in the Balkan and Black Sea region in order to develop transnational cluster-based sustainable economic development projects, approach development funds and appear on new markets.

The Cluster House Model is a proven way of supporting and accelerating cluster development in countries in transition.  The model fosters collaboration through networks, meetings, advisory services, inter-business networks, matchmaking events, and training sessions. The model covers business support for clusters, SMEs - start-ups and existing companies, which includes business information, consulting, training, communication, B2B C2C matchmaking and promotion and resulted with the following key outputs:

The Cluster House values are based on demand driven and result oriented activities, transparent and timely information, using the principles of project management and quality assurance, strategic planning approach, and business ethics.

The general growth strategy of the Cluster House is further development of the Balkan and Black Sea Cluster Network, as a logistic-informational centre of the Cluster House, for networking, promotion and internationalization of the Balkan and the Black Sea clusters and SMEs and connection with European and global cluster development institutions and organizations.