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S4S is a private not-for-profit organization, legally incorporated under the Belgian Law, whose aims are:

  • carrying out research activities in space, innovative and related sectors;
  • defining and defending common positions; representing the SMEs with public authorities i.e. the European Space Agency, the European Union and its related agencies;
  • organising seminars and information sessions;
  • organising a network of clusters and SMEs in order to increase the possibilities for cooperation and related activities.


S4S presently consists of 15 Working Members (Associations/Clusters): Adriatic Aerospace Association - Crotia; Aerospace Valley – France; AIPAS - Italy; CASTRA Bulgaria; CenSec – Denmark; Czech Space Alliance - Czech Republic; GLAE - Luxembourg; Hungarian Space Cluster - Hungary; Hellenic Association of Space Industry -Greece; Lithuania National Space AssociationLithuania; Madrid Aerospace Cluster – Spain; SME Forum - UK; SpaceNed – The Netherlands; Space PL – Poland; VRI -Belgium; and 15 Individual Company Members: Amphicy Technologies – Croatia; Arquimea Ingenieria – Spain; Devil-Hop – France; DHV Technology – Spain; D-Orbit –Portugal; Enpulsion – Austria; - Feanor – Estonia; In Extenso – France; Invent – Germany; Jotne – Norway; Solar MEMS Technologies – Spain; Space Structures –Germany; Spectrum Aerospace – Germany; Tauria – Estonia; VisionSpace Technologies – Germany. Moreover, SME4SPACE collaborates and exchange information with the German Space SMEs Working Group within DLR (AKRK).


SME4SPACE VZW is the ideal partner for carrying out dissemination activities especially with respect to SMEs, thanks to its international profile and its capacity to represent the interests of a network of space SMEs (more than 580) covering 20 European Countries. Furthermore, each member has a network of contacts with other companies, Universities or Associations of their own Country and abroad, thanks to which it is possible to extent the geographical coverage (up to 780 members).



Website: https://www.sme4space.org/