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Union of Slovak Clusters

The Union of Slovak Clusters (UKS) is an association established in 2010 to initiate and support development of clusters and cluster policy in Slovakia and to incorporate Slovak clusters into European competitive partnership including mutual transfer of know-how and technology. It is the only organization representing clusters in Slovakia and it has a national dimension covering the entire territory of Slovakia. The main mission of UKS is to promote networking, partnerships and transfer of knowledge, experience and information between regions and SMEs through clusters. UKS supports the participation of clusters in international events and in international projects focused on education, development, research, innovation and transfer of know-how.

Current members of UKS:

Projects (UKS participating as a partner):

  • CluStrat: “Boosting innovation through new cluster concepts in support of emerging issues and cross-sectoral themes”; implemented through the Central Europe Programme and co-financed by the ERDF;
  • NoGAP: “Knowledge Transfer Community to bridge the gap between research, innovation and business creation”; co-financed by the EC under the 7th Framework Programme;
  • ClusterPoliSEE: “Smarter Cluster Policies for South East Europe”; implemented through the South East Europe Programme and co-financed by the ERDF;
  • V4Clusters: “Boosting V4 Cooperation through Strategic Cluster Identification, Networking and Informatisation”; implemented and co-financed by International Visegrad Fund.


  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Priority Area 8 of the Danube Strategy (Competitiveness and cluster development). Within this Priority Area it is actively participating in the working group “Clusters of Excellence”.
  • Member of the National Committee for Priority Area 7 of the Danube Strategy.
  • Member of the Monitoring Committee of the Research and Innovation Programme 2014-2020
  • Member of the working group “Partnership for Cohesion Policy” for 2014-2020.
  • Signatory of the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of the cluster organisation development and cluster policy support within the Danube Region countries.


Website: www.uksk.sk