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Latest News from Cluster Organisations

SCS cluster awarded with the ESCP charter for leading the Digital Industry Strategic Cluster partnership New internationalization actions on behalf of our SME SCS cluster has been awarded with the ESCP-4i (European Strategic Cluster Partnership going International) label for its newly created Digital Industry Strategic Cluster partnership (DISCp) during the launching event on the 20th and 21th of February in Brussels with the EASME (European agency for SMEs) This partnership gathers 3 ICT clusters (SCS, GAIA in Spain and TICE.pt in Portugal) and 3 industrial clusters (MESAP in Italy, BalticNet-Plasmatec in Germany and...
Date: 27/02/2018 - 14:04 | Secured Communicating Solutions cluster
PRESS RELEASE SCS, a large leading European ecosystem of industrials and research laboratories, addressing many of the key IoT digital technologies, today announced that it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium®(IIC™ ). Gathering more than 120 key players, representing 10 000 jobs and 3 billion dollars revenue, the SCS IoT ecosystem is positioned throughout the IoT value chain from hardware, embedded software to integrators and business solutions. The SCS IoT ecosystem, where the secure element for payment and mobile communication has been invented, has a significant competitive advantage on security technologies...
Date: 27/02/2018 - 10:38 | Secured Communicating Solutions cluster

There is growing evidence to support a business case for unlocking the ocean business and investment potential of Africa via an alliance of maritime clusters. Developing collaborative business opportunities between coastal and ocean stakeholders requires the development of triple helix partnerships. The African Union incorporates 54 member states of which 37 states are coastal countries. There are virtually no maritime clusters in Africa and hence most inter-governmental collaboration is based on political decisions and not sound business decisions. There is a huge window of opportunity to develop maritime clusters in...
Date: 26/02/2018 - 15:42 | Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Cluster

The expected results are to foster modernization and knowledge expansión aligned to the needs and opportunities offered by the increasing number of 'green' tenders by the public administration in relation with the furniture industry.
Date: 26/02/2018 - 11:46 | AMUEBLA
Six organizations from Belgium, Germany, Spain and Finland will develop a training curriculum to implement strategies capable of facilitating the transition from a linear model to a circular model in the habitat sector.
Date: 26/02/2018 - 11:43 | AMUEBLA

Hervé Floch actively participated to several events @Brussels from the 21st to the 23rd of February : the European Cluster Policy Forum sessions, the @ECCP matchmaking event, the EU Industry days, the ESCP-4i partenring event. Within the ESCP-4i award ceremony, Hervé Floch received the award for PIMAP PArtnership COSME project.
Date: 23/02/2018 - 14:41 | ALPHA-RLH Route des Lasers et des Hyperfréquences

Four European life science clusters that participate in the COSME-funded “Excellence Cluster for Regional Improvement” (ECRI) project performed a study visit on February 15 and 16 in the regions of Malopolska and Silesia in Poland. The project partners come from four different countries with a different level of cluster excellence. The four consortia members are Bioib (Cluster biotecnològic i biomèdic de les Illes Balears); KLK (Klaster LifeScience Krakow); bioPmed (Piedmont Innovation Cluster); and HBio , (Hellenic BioCluster). The common objective of the ECRI project is to improve the performance of the four consortium...
Date: 23/02/2018 - 13:36 | Hellenic BioCluster (HBio)

The Port of Gdansk is the only Polish port to be included on the prestigious World Top Container Ports 2017 list prepared by "Container Management". The magazine's experts recognised the development of Gdansk's port in the area of container transshipment. "I am very happy that our activities are recognised and noticed not only in Poland, but across the world. The Port of Gdansk enjoys growing recognition and it is the best proof that the direction we adopted as the Board of the PGA and our efforts to keep developing and constantly enhancing the Port's services turned out to be such a success. Without it, we wouldn't stand...
Date: 20/02/2018 - 18:03 | POLISH MARITIME CLUSTER