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General Information
The date when the cluster organisation was established: 
Monday, 2 February, 2009
Number of staff in the management team of the cluster organisation : 
Cluster Excellence Label: 
Other Label: 
Please Specify: 
AEI - Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora (Innovative Business Association)
Membership to other networks/partnerships: 
Cluster Management Team: 
Cluster Manager
Cluster Manager
ECCP Responsible Person
Languages spoken: 
Sectoral and Industrial Focus
Sectoral Industries: 
Hospitality and Tourism
Technology fields: 
Creative products
Creative services
S3 EU priority areas: 
Support to link cultural & creative industries to traditional industries
Emerging industries: 
Creative Industries
Digital Industries
Composition of the cluster
Total number of members: 
Number of SME members: 
Number of larger company members: 
Number of research organisations/universities/technology centres: 
Number of other ecosystem actors : 
Entrepreneurship and scale-up support facilities in the cluster's ecosystem (see "Organisation type"): 
Name and link of major players: 
Technology Center
Universidad de Extremadura
Red Internacional de Universidades Lectoras
Research Organisation
Cluster Strategy

CLUTUREX aims to encourage the development and promotion of the tourism sector in Extremadura, a rural region where private sector is mainly formed by micro and SMEs and tourism is an emerging sector, experimenting a sustained growth based on a high-quality, sustainable and non-mass model. It currently has 84 members with diverse profiles: SMEs developing activities in tourism and other related sectors such as culture, communication and marketing, transportation, consultancies, PCOs, training, Spas, leisure and ICT; it also integrates in their membership universities; knowledge, technological and research centres; local, provincial and regional authorities; as well as local actions groups and professional associations, having a total reach of approximately 500 entities just in the region. 

It is an Innovative Business Association with a high commitment with innovation and cooperation, stablishing as objectives the promotion of the R&D in the region, support in cross-sectoral initiatives and internationalization; enhancement of entrepreneurship, collaboration and cooperation; as well as building strong partnerships between diverse stakeholders to exchange and generate new knowledge, synergies, ideas, business opportunities and joint initiatives. These key concepts define its philosophy and also its daily work and relationships with its networks, not only at regional level, but also at national and European level; becoming a reference for many tourism associations and organizations at national level and contributing to the increase of the competitiveness of the regional economy.  

In relation with the lines described, and as consequence of the implementation of joint projects and initiatives also at national and European level, CLUTUREX has developed a broad network of collaborations with diverse organizations. At European level, it currently works in five consortiums integrating more than 40 organizations from the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Slovenia and Germany among other countries.

At national level, there are many clusters, associations and other organizations that have contacted with CLUTUREX searching for advice, collaboration and good practices exhange on topics related to self-financing, business collaboration, coaching, participation in relevant events, mechanisms to promote the public-private collaborations, work methodologies  and co-working.  

As transversal organization, CLUTUREX goals cover a wide range of aspects:

- Enhance the tourism development at short, medium and long term, by developing a commitment for the sustainability (economic, social and environmental).

- Defend, protect, care and promote the environmental and natural resources of the region, ensuring their preservation for the future.

- Promote energy saving and efficiency actions and initiatives, as well as the use of renewable energies among the members.

- Promote the social economy among its members, priorizing the common interest over the particular ones.

- Impulse the culture, seen as a set of materials, intellectual and affective aspects that characterize the societies, as well as arts, heritage, lifestyles, human rights, values and traditions.

- Promote the rural development through tourism, with actions and policies aimed at increasing the employment and fixing the population in less-developed rural areas.

- Promote and implement specific training programms to improve the qualifications of human resources in the tourism sector of Extremadura.

- Boost the competitiveness of the SMEs by promoting the innovation, providing advice and services, and designing innovative and joint products. 

- Work for the creation of new employments and the integration of disadvantaged population groups in the labour market, supporting the creation of new tourist SMEs, as well as the self-employment and the entrepreneurship.

- Implement transational cooperation initiatives, addressed to knowledge transfer, good practices exchange and sustainable tourism development. 

- Support and favour the internationalization of its members, through close collaboration with those administrations in charge of the international trade actions. 

- Organize social, leisure, cultural and educational activities, as well as those ones related to wellness, health tourism and active ageing.

- Promote the ITCs use among SMEs and entrepreneurs in the tourism field, and support the creative industries growth.

- Promote the gastronomy of the region and its food products, specially those ones protected by Denominations of Origin, Protected Geographical Indications, as well as the tradicional production methods.

- Promote the accesible tourism and the elimination of barriers for travellers in the region.

- Work for the improvement in communication, signaling and transport networks to facilitate and increase the transit of travellers and tourists within the region.

Do you have a formalised strategy?: 
Do you have a specific strategy focus that addresses internationalisation ?: 
Support services provided: 
Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.)
Facilitation of collaboration between members
Facilitation of cross-sectorial cooperation
Periodic Information dissemination
Innovation Management / Support of innovation processes (internal, external)
Details of support services: 

Main services provided to members include training and coaching, marketing advice, identification and execution of innovative projects, representation at regional, national and international fairs, analysis of tourism industry and communication of results, advertising of events, new projects and services in media and web, organisation of events for stakeholders to create cooperation, synergies and organization of working days where members work with expert coaches. 

Cooperation Activities
International Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Trans-national Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Our cluster organisation undertook the following trans-national activities to support our members: 
Please explain: 

CLUTUREX has facilitated the integration of its members in European project consortiums, therefore, acting these as project partners and coordinators in some cases. In adition, many members have been benefited by the activities and results achieved in these projects, direct or indirectly: by receiving training, by integrating project results in their daily activities, hosting and participanting in the logistics for transnational meetings and other events, participating in project events as attendances, etc. 

Which clusters do you collaborate with?: 
Cluster del Turismo de Galicia
Cluster del Turismo Rural de Asturias
Cluster del Turismo de Montaña
Cluster TICE.PT
Support Programmes
Participation in Funded Support Programmes: 
Project NameName & Description (Regional/National)

EC-ENTERPRISE AND INDUSTRY DIRECTORATE-GENERAL. 69/G/ENT/PPA/13/411-Cooperation projects to support transnational tourism based on European cultural and industrial heritage:

LAQUA. Myths and Legends on Water for European Tourism Routes ( www.laquaroutes.com), whose main goal was to promote the intangible and cultural heritage composed by myths and legends on water in Europe. L´AQUA project has increased, through transnational cooperation, the sustainability and competitiveness of the tourism value chain (with special attention to SMEs) along the L´AQUA transnational route and product, based upon local oral traditions, stories, sagas, key characters associated to water, building up on the existing potential and experiences in the participating regions. 

COS-TOUR-2015-3-04-1. THEME 1."Increasing tourism flows in low/medium seasons for seniors and youth target groups":

FY. Forever Young project, aimed at creating a peculiar tourism offer linked to cultural and industrial heritage promoting a new concept model of “culture”: experiential learning and full immersion in the hosting country to enjoy tangible and intangible cultural assets such as traditions (food and beverage), hospitality (agritourism and hosting families), cultural heritage (archeological sites and unique natural beauties recognized by UNESCO), products (how to produce wines or typical handcraft) and ancient traditions (festivity).


MARLO. Marketing of Local and Organic Food ( www.lovelocalfood.eu). It aimed to improve the competitiveness of rural SMEs by introducing a Methodological Training Tool in Marketing of Local and Organic Food Products, and to encourage sustainable development of rural areas. 


EFF Tourism. Environmental Fluvial Footprint of Tourism. It aims to provide a series of stakeholders involved in fluvial tourism with a set of skills which allows them to develop sustainable initiatives and measures in their recreational activities, businesses and natural spaces where these are developed, in order to decrease their environmental footprint.

RSRC. Raising Strong and Resilient Communities (www.rsrc.eu) aims to develop a set of educational tools that can be used in adult education (with a focus on non-formal adult education) focussing on active citizenship and participation. These tools are based on existing and the further expansion of developed approaches, theories and methods of storytelling. 


RECREACIÓN HISTÓRICA PLUS (www.recreacionhistoricaplus.com).  It aims to improve significantly the organization of events on historical recreation in terms of increase of the business competitiveness in the regional tourism sector, more commitment of local communities and public authorities and promote the attractions of visitors to the region. In its final phase, project has proved that historical recreation presents a high potential for economic development and many opportunities in terms of creation of new businesses.

VIABILITY STUDY: Training programme on tourism clusters management. Viability plan to detect the existing interest in setting up and develop tourism innovative business associations or clusters, as well as the need of developing specific training able to help when these organizations are starting to operate and when they are consolidating.

HUELLA RURAL CO2 (www.huellarural.com), it consisted on the design and development of an IT application to measure the carbon footprint in rural tourism establishments and the elaboration of the first saleable catalogue of rural establishments with low CO2 emissions.

EXTREMADURA TOURS (www.extremaduratours.com ). Creation of tourist routes with daily departures to interconnect the main tourism places in the region, creating a tourist, saleable product and making the regional tourism supply stronger.

RURAL CO2.  Development of the feasibility study for the creation of a brand for rural establishments located in protected natural areas of the region, which show a commitment with the environment.

REGIONAL SUPPORT (Extremadura´s Regional Goverment):


RECETAS EMPRESARIALES DE TURISMO GASTRONÓMICO PARA JÓVENES EXTREMEÑOS, that aimed to qualify young regional entrepreneurs to create gastronomic tourism products.

JÓVENES Y VIDA ACTIVA, that aimed to train young regional entrepreneurs to develop innovative tourism products in welness, active ageing and the health tourism field.

CLUB DE EMPRENDIMIENTO EN TURISMO DE NATURALEZA, intended to provide people aged between 16 and 30 from Extremadura region with a set of skills and knowledge about entrepreneurship, creativity and how to implement a business plan in the field of nature tourism. 


ENVIRONSMART NAVIGATION NATURA ( sites.google.com/site/envirosmartnavigation/home ). Identification and development of innovative and sustainable solutions to avoid risks and threats for the protected wildlife, potentially in danger due to the tourism activity of fluvial cruises and other kind of vessels.


INTERSECT TURISMO ( sites.google.com/site/intersectturismoweb/ ). Creating new innovation ecosystems. Partnerships between tourist companies and other sub-industries. The project consisted on the development of several tools (meetings and workshops, business advice through telephone and mailing, etc.)  to promote the networking among the regional enterprises in the field of tourism and other related, boosting the knowledge exchange, as well as businesses relationships in order to strenghten the potential for innovation.

ESPACIOS CDT- INNOVA TURISMO (www.espacioscdtinnovaturismo.jimdo.com). Spaces to share, develop and transfer the innovation in the tourism sector. Disseminate innovative ideas and projects, as well as estimulate the ideas creation through a public and/or private cooperation among different stakeholders that are part of the regional tourism sector and transversal organizations. 




Success Story / Achievements: 

CLUTUREX was set up in 2009 with 29 founders members, today (2016) it counts on 84 members.

While at the beginning business associations represented the mayority of its membership (the most 14 important regional associations were part of the cluster when it was founded), SMEs representation has been increasing significatively from 2011 on, due to a change in its priorities that led it to promote the integration of innovative SMEs in its membership. As a result, today (2016) entrepreneurs, medium and small companies represent the 75% of it members structure, having passed from 13 in 2009, to 63 in 2016. 

In June 2009, the former MITYC (Ministery of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain) rated CLUTUREX´s Strategic Plan for 2009-2012 as excellent, awarding the organization with the recognition of AEI (Asociación Empresarial Innovadora, Business Innovative Association). This recognition helped CLUTUREX configure itself as a reference in innovation and tourism, exchange ideas and implement joint initiatives in other national AEIs, and finance the execution of a number of innovative projects. 

A total of 32 different initiatives (regional, national and European projects, as well as public tenders and other actions) have been executed by CLUTUREX since 2009, resulting in clear benefits for a number of stakeholders inside and outside the region. 




Why should partners choose you for cooperation?: 

CLUTUREX is an Innovative Business Association with a high commitment with innovation and cooperation, stablishing as objectives the promotion of the R&D in the region, support in cross-sectoral initiatives and internationalization; enhancement of entrepreneurship, collaboration and cooperation; as well as building strong partnerships between diverse stakeholders to exchange and generate new knowledge, synergies, ideas, business opportunities and joint initiatives. These key concepts define its philosophy and also its daily work and relationships with its networks, not only at regional level, but also at national and European level.  

Other reasons: 

Its memberships and collaboration networks are always based on the members´ ability to generate added value and work for innovation.  All the projects and initiatives implemented are born from the real needs of our members, generating a high commitment once projects are being implemented. 

Background and experience in a range of transversal skills relevant for the execution of project tasks.

Experience in Coordination and Participation in European projects.

Close contact with a number of relevant organizations, as well as public and private entities in Extremadura, reaching a relevant critical mass in the region.

Reference for many tourism associations and organizations at national level, in terms of expert advice, collaboration and good practices exhange on topics related to self-financing, business collaboration, coaching, participation in relevant events, mechanisms to promote the public-private collaborations, work methodologies and co-working.  

Well-structured partnerships at European level and ability to collaborate with other European projects in dissemination and other joint initiatives. 

Wide knowledge about tourism sector and its trends, needs and expectations of the stakeholders involved, and ability to exchange knowledge and good practices. 

Capacity to implement joint initiatives through cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation. 

Dissemination capacity and experience through diverse means: social media, press, website, events and meetings.