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General Information
The date when the cluster organisation was established: 
Friday, 8 November, 2013
Number of staff in the management team of the cluster organisation : 
Other Label: 
Premios ArgenINTA a la Calidad Agroalimentaria
Membership to other networks/partnerships: 
Agroindustrial Chamber of Tandil
Cluster Management Team: 
+54 9 249 457-6144
Cluster Manager
Juan Ignacio
+54 9 249 462-1072
Languages spoken: 
Sectoral and Industrial Focus
Sectoral Industries: 
Food Processing and Manufacturing
Technology fields: 
Animal Production / Husbandry
Food Processing
Areas of specialisation of the cluster not covered above: 
Composition of the cluster
Total number of members: 
Number of SME members: 
Number of start-ups among SME members: 
Number of research organisations/universities/technology centres: 
Entrepreneurship and scale-up support facilities in the cluster's ecosystem (see "Organisation type"): 
Name and link of major players: 
UNICEN (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la provincia de Buenos Aires)
Research Organisation
INTI (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial)
Technology Center
INTA (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria)
Technology Center
Cluster Strategy

The Cluster Quesero de Tandil is made up of a group of producers, SMEs, institutions and assistance agencies linked to cheese production in the area covered by the Ayacucho, Benito Juárez, Rauch and Tandil parties. We work in an articulated way in order to promote the competitive development of cheeses in the region. Together we are defining a strategic plan and the implementation of specific actions that allow companies to face the constraints for the growth of the sector and face the future challenges of the national and international market. «We seek to promote joint strategies based on the added value, promoting regional development and employment generation. Our goal is to consolidate at the national level the leadership in the elaboration of differentiated and high-value cheeses, based on quality and tradition»

Do you have a formalised strategy?: 
Do you have a specific strategy focus that addresses internationalisation ?: 
Support services provided: 
Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.)
Access to technology services
Facilitation of collaboration between members
Facilitation of cross-sectorial cooperation
Promotion of activities (marketing/ visibility)
Details of support services: 

The Cluster has different lines of action: Promotion Actions Management - joint participation in fairs. Management of subsidies and access to intrapredial financing. Training for primary producers, processors, marketers, consumers, with the aim of improving the positioning of Tandil cheeses and continuing to generate knowledge on the subject. Technical support and audit on the quality of the cheeses of the Traditional Brand of Tandil. Creation and ongoing training of the Tasting Panel - construction of protocols and methodological support. Inter-institutional sector actions between public and private organizations at the local, regional and national level. Developing services, benefits and significant discounts at the Milk Quality Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of UNICEN. (Developing) Technical assistance Rating Management BPM development and management process Effluent and slurry management Community maturation chamber Cheese and Salami Interpretation Center (in development) Cheese whey management - collection and processing (in development) Application of tools for the commercialization of products of the Cluster participants (ecommerce - alternative channels - etc.) (in development)

    Cooperation Activities
    International Cooperation
    The main countries addressed by the cluster organisation outside Europe: 
    Our cluster organisation undertook the following international activities to support our members: 
    Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
    European Cooperation
    The main countries addressed by the cluster organisation in Europe: 
    Our cluster organisation undertook the following activities in Europe to support our members: 
    Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
    Please explain: 

    Within the framework of the AL-Invest 5.0 Program “Integrative growth for social cohesion in Latin America DCI-ALA / 2015 / 371-349” (www.alinvest5.org), financed by the European Union, the FOCAL project has been approved , presented by the Unione Regionale delle Camere di commercio dell'Emilia-Romagna il progetto denominated FOCAL, in which the same Unione regionalale participates as applicant and the Agroindustrial Chamber of Tandil (Argentina), the Chamber of Commerce of Valledupar (Colombia) and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (Argentina) as co-applicants. Objective of the Program: Contribute to the reduction of poverty in Latin America by improving the productivity of micro, small and medium enterprises, promoting their sustainable development. Specific objective: Support the development of the productive, business and associative capacities of Latin American MSMEs, taking advantage of the inter / intra-regional integration processes; with social inclusion, employment opportunities and decent work. Objective of the FOCAL Project: strengthen the dairy districts of Tandil (Argentina) and Cesar (Colombia), and the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy), through the transfer of production experiences and the accompaniment of local producers to improve Quality and differentiate productions. The recipients of the proposal are: Dairy MSMEs of the Tandil region (Argentina) and Valledupar (Colombia) and their associative structures. The project lasted until September 2018.

    Which clusters do you collaborate with?: 
    Cluster Lácteo del Cesar (Colombia)
    Support Programmes
    Participation in Funded Support Programmes: 
    Success Story / Achievements: 

    TANDILEOFU CHEESE My name is Raul Mastrángelo and I own the company Quesos Tandileofú, in addition to working on the advice of various issues that concern the dairy sector of our region. Thanks to the exchange of experiences with Italy and Colombia, the advice and training received within the framework of the AL-Invest program, we have been able to advance in the implementation of European productive models, emphasizing the care of the environment, the improvement of good practices and the empowerment of new markets, which value and consume brands with regional protection. Such is the case of Banquet Cheese, which will have, thanks to the knowledge acquired in the framework of the project, the impulse to become a type of protected cheese, through a protected regional Indication, with a Brand Council that, on the Based on the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium model in Italy, develop a Traditional Product that values ​​its quality and its identity with the territory of origin. Such is the case that various institutions value the work of the Cluster Quesero de Tandil, grouped in the Agroindustrial Chamber, and have invited us to be part of the Commercial Development course of Local Products for the implementation of One Product, One People (OVOP for its acronym) in English “One Village, One Product”), which is intended for representatives from Afghanistan, Argentina, Albania, Iran, Ghana, Cuba, Kosovo, Bhutan, Viet Nam, Bolivia, Honduras and Jordan. It will be held in Japan, from November 5 to 28, 2019: http://clusterqueserotandil.net/web/desde-la-camara-agroindustrial-viaja... the local cheese brand Banquete cheese already has a processing protocol, which has been discussed with cheese producers and technical teams of the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318709692_El_queso_Banquete_de_... All the actions that are carried out from the Cluster, try to give visibility to that cheese.


    DOÑA CUCHARA My name is Aldo Antonutti and I am the owner of the company Doña Cuchara, a member of the Cluster Quesero de Tandil in Argentina. Based on the experiences on organic certification gathered in the project, the company Doña Cuchara promoted its exclusive brand project of Organic Cheeses. Such is the case that it became the first certified organic cheese brand in Argentina. "Holy Father", such is the name of the new brand, seeks to promote a healthy and balanced diet through organic production and fair trade. Today it is a leader in the segmented organic food market in the capital of the country: https://www.filo.news/comida/Conoce-Santo-Padre-quesos-de-Tandil-pero-or... https://www.lanacion.com.ar/turismo/quesos-salames-otras-delicias-artesa... https://www.cucinare.tv/2019/10/16/tandil-la-ruta-obligada-del-queso-y-e...

    Why should partners choose you for cooperation?: 

    The first Tandilero Cheese Festival was a success and was attended by thousands of people The organizers were surprised by the response of the public, considering that it is a new event. Some stands had to replenish merchandise up to five times for the amount of cheese they sold. With a large audience, the first Tandilero Cheese Festival concluded yesterday with a highly positive balance. In addition to thousands of people touring the 40 stands during both days in which the meeting took place, sales were very good, to the point that many cheesemakers had to replenish merchandise up to five times. Lucio Rancez, the coordinator of the Cluster Quesero, admitted that they are "surprised by the magnitude of the party and the number of people who approached the diagonal, we honestly did not expect so many people and sales, so much movement." "They are very happy all cheese makers, regional product sellers, food trucks, and seeing the joy of people in the face for me is already gratifying," he said. The event, which took place on Saturday and yesterday throughout the day was organized by the Cluster Quesero de Tandil, the Municipality and Bar Tent Eventos. “We are very happy because this party has escalated and has been strengthened in just one year. There was a lot of response, a lot of accompaniment in general, but I have to be grateful to the Municipality, which was fundamental for this party, and that everything is well organized, ”he emphasized. On the other hand, he stressed that they made price agreements “so that people can access cheeses, with the banquet that was very cheap and people took it with great desire, they are different things that we are developing from the Cheese Cluster and that they are giving their good results ”. "A little bit of all the work that we have been developing since the Cluster is reflected in this party, which of course we start organizing the second for the first week of November 2020," he said. Around 40 seats, between 8 and 10 food trucks participated in the party and the women's entrepreneur fair also added to the proposal at Plaza Moreno. “Everything gave a really interesting framework to this first party and beyond the general fatigue because five months ago we have been preparing this party, we are already thinking about the second, and we are encouraged to think a second because the response of the people was exceptional . We take this party very seriously and all the work that was done previously, and this is the result, ”he said. Meanwhile, he explained that of the 21 companies in the Cluster, 15 participated in this opportunity, but he wished that “next year all the companies will participate”. There were also stands of salami, dried fruits, chocolates, Tandileza cake, La Fragua was offering its products. “The fair was very varied, very interesting, and the best part was that everyone could work and everyone could sell. The cheesemakers had to go looking for merchandise some up to five times, the balance is super positive, ”he said. There were also shows for all tastes throughout the day and yesterday at 20 a cheese cart was raffled off. “It was a success that there was diversity of shows because we managed to cover different tastes, different audiences, and that makes it a family party with a great projection. I think we think all the details with the aim of making the party a hundred percent excellent from every point of view, ”he said. Exit On the other hand, Esteban Magnasco, from the Don Atilio company, considered that “it was a surprise how people attended, how beautiful the party was, accompanied the time so it was a success. It exceeded any expectations we had. ” “People buy a lot, we are all with promotional prices, and it serves us a lot of advertising. The people who came from abroad especially are amazed by the variety of cheeses we have and the prices, ”he said. The Farm School students presented their new “Grilone” cheese at the party. Agustina Huarte, one of the sixth year students who developed that project, together with her classmates Martina Arregui, Gonzalo Boccazzi and Ignacia Tuculet, and the advisors Pablo Madsen and Cristian Lecuona, gave details of the new product. “We detected a problem in the agri-food sector, and from that the idea of ​​making a new product arose, mainly what we do is take advantage of the cuts that the production line in the school at the moment wastes, 90 years ago that the school factory and never thought of an idea to take advantage of that, ”he said. That is why this new cheese emerged, which is “spun pasta made from a semi-hard cheese, and what we do through a process we inject heat and that allows us to spin it and in turn that dough when it cools it solidifies then it gives you the possibility of vacuum packaging, which is the form of presentation that we choose ”. “The idea of ​​the sale will be when it is produced industrially, we need a specific machine to be able to develop this product in an industrial way. Now we have prepared it in a homemade way, to be able to do tastings inside the school and outside, as is the case of the cheese fair, that the Cheese Cluster gave us place to be able to present it on stage, and we as part of the school We made a cheese tasting, ”he said. LINK: https://www.eleco.com.ar/la-ciudad/la-primera-fiesta-del-queso-tandilero... of people/