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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Juniokids)

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General Information
The date when the cluster organisation was established: 
Tuesday, 7 April, 2015
Number of staff in the management team of the cluster organisation : 
Cluster Excellence Label: 
Bronze Label
Membership to other networks/partnerships: 
Cluster Management Team: 
Cluster Manager
Languages spoken: 
Sectoral and Industrial Focus
Sectoral Industries: 
Textile Manufacturing
Composition of the cluster
Total number of members: 
Number of SME members: 
Entrepreneurship and scale-up support facilities in the cluster's ecosystem (see "Organisation type"): 
Name and link of major players: 
Cluster Strategy

n Turkey, the ready-made clothing sector increases its exportsby growing its strength and volume every year, positioning itsprocesses according to new trends and business models. Theshare of the sector in Turkey's general exports just in the beginningof 2016 was 14.6%. In exports, 195 countries selected Turkey and made it the 7th largest exporter in the world. n Turkey, since the 90s, 80% of the baby-children ready-toweargarments are produced in Bursa, especially in the VişneTrade Zone. The investments of the manufacturers in design andtechnology, their experience and dynamic structures are directlyreflected to the final products and increasingly forming a reason ofpreference.

The producer and wholesaler companies located all together inthe Vişne Trade zone, strengthen their geographical advantage bycluster supports, the Junioshow Fair and the Juniokids commonbrand , and by this, provide great convenience to garment buyers.In cooperation, our companies aim to be the trendsetters in the world with their high quality and comfortable clothing products. Under the common roof of Juniokids, total 80 companies, as manufacturers of the Vişne Trade Zone, offer fashion and comfort,and embrace all kids in the world.

Do you have a formalised strategy?: 
Do you have a specific strategy focus that addresses internationalisation ?: 
Support services provided: 
Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.)
Details of support services: 

Ministry of Trade of Turkish Republic, Improvement of International Competitiveness Programme

Cooperation Activities
International Cooperation
The main countries addressed by the cluster organisation outside Europe: 
Our cluster organisation undertook the following international activities to support our members: 
Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
European Cooperation
The main countries addressed by the cluster organisation in Europe: 
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
Our cluster organisation undertook the following activities in Europe to support our members: 
Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
Please explain: 

The cluster management organizes B2B events, matchmaking events, participation in missions, exhibition in fairs with the support of Turkish Ministry of Trade, in order to build new trade cooperations, increase the exports of companies. USA, Russian Federation, Morocco, Germany, South Africa, Serbia are some of countries that the cluster organized events.

Support Programmes
Participation in Funded Support Programmes: 
Why should partners choose you for cooperation?: 

Bursa is the main producer of baby and kids apparel in Turkey, app. %80 of Turkey's production is made in Bursa. Our companies produce with the high quality standards.