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MADE - Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

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General Information
The date when the cluster organisation was established: 
Wednesday, 1 January, 2014
Number of staff in the management team of the cluster organisation : 
Other Label: 
Bronze Cluster award
Membership to other networks/partnerships: 
Cluster Management Team: 
Cluster Manager
Languages spoken: 
Sectoral and Industrial Focus
Sectoral Industries: 
Education and Knowledge Creation
Food Processing and Manufacturing
Technology fields: 
Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)
Electronic measurement systems
S3 EU priority areas: 
ICT trust, cyber security & network security
Advanced manufacturing systems
Emerging industries: 
Digital Industries
Mobility Technologies
Areas of specialisation of the cluster not covered above: 
Advanced Manufacturing broad terms
Composition of the cluster
Total number of members: 
Number of SME members: 
Number of start-ups among SME members: 
Number of larger company members: 
Number of research organisations/universities/technology centres: 
Number of other ecosystem actors : 
Entrepreneurship and scale-up support facilities in the cluster's ecosystem (see "Organisation type"): 
Organisation/Facility NameOrganisation/Facility TypeWebsite
Danish Technological Institute
Technology center
Name and link of major players: 
Technical University of Denmark
Larger Company
Cluster Strategy
  • The overall aim of MADE is to strengthen the Danish Manufacturing ecosystem through applied research and development. The three main objectives are: MADE generates Knowledge MADE shares knowledge  MADE implements knowledge.Based on the concern that manufacturing in Denmark would diminish and disappear, industry, academia and government stakeholders all saw the need for a strong initiative to strengthen Danish manufacturing. MADE was formed as a not-for-profit association and a public-private partnership with a well-defined purpose to save and strengthen manufacturing in Denmark. Through the unique cooperation between companies, universities and RTOs, MADE has since 2014 created new knowledge and technology across industrial segments and small and large manufacturing businesses.MADE has four income streams:
  • MADE is a membership-based organization, where all members pay a membership fee, differentiated according to company sizeMADE leads application processes to obtain funding for large scale platform programs including a large number of underlying research projects. Public funding for platform programs is matched by company funding combination of cash and in-kind funding. MADE leads the National Innovation Network for Production, financed by a national grant for 3 years. -Furthermore, MADE has income from a number of primarily international projects, where MADE participates along with one or more MADE partners.

MADE is a one-stop-shop for sharing knowledge related to manufacturing and MADE works as a matchmaker helping to build new relations. Innovation activities are open for everyone and without fee for members. Participation in research projects require cofounding with cash and in-kind.  Through newsletter and social media communication MADE aims to reach out beyond the members to offer knowledge sharing to all stakeholders interested in the strengthening of the Danish Manufacturing Industry.  

MADE’s international role and purpose can be described as follows  

  • To position Denmark in international platforms based on the well-functioning corporation between MADE industry/universities/RTOs/education institutions
  • To be a one-stop-shop for sharing knowledge and expertise across EU regions – using MADE as matchmaker and building on strong partner and people network in the EU and Denmark
  • To use European networks to spot new initiatives matching Danish interests and competences within R&D and innovation with a strong clutch to industrial partners i.e. to share the costs of developing advanced manufacturing technology


Do you have a formalised strategy?: 
Do you have a specific strategy focus that addresses internationalisation ?: 
Support services provided: 
Access to technology services
Facilitation of collaboration between members
Periodic Information dissemination
Support of knowledge transfer
Innovation Management / Support of innovation processes (internal, external)
Details of support services: 

Knowledge – MADE generates new knowledge in production technologies, digitalization and management for inspiration and application in the Danish manufacturing industry. Based on this knowledge MADE offer services in the following areas: Technology – MADE introduces Danish manufacturing companies to the newest technologies, methods and processes, and gives access to experts, test facilities and demonstration projects. Support for SMEs – MADE helps small and medium sized enterprises with the implementation of state of the art methods and technology and with establishing contact to leading experts or project partners. Network – MADE creates connections between the leading companies, specialists and educational institutions in Denmark and internationally. International partnerships – MADE represents Denmark internationally, especially within EU projects, as the national platform for knowledge sharing and innovation in Danish manufacturing and offer members to join the projects through MADE and/or benefit from the results

Cooperation Activities
International Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Our cluster organisation undertook the following international activities to support our members: 
Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
Trans-national Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Our cluster organisation undertook the following trans-national activities to support our members: 
Support to collaborative activities/etc.
Which clusters do you collaborate with?: 
DIMEC FI, FlandersMake,
Support Programmes
Participation in Funded Support Programmes: 
European ProgrammesProject NameLink (Regional/National)

1.   I4MS-Go - coordination and support action:

Developing a large on-line community of users and service providers, for the digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps.

2.  RobotUnion – research and innovation action:

Main goal is to stimulate SMEs in the robotics sector to develop novel and challenging technology and systems applicable to new markets.

3.   C-Voucher – coordination and support action

To develop new cross-sectorial  industrial value chains across EU by supporting SMEs together with Innovation Actors, to move away from value chains from linear model (cradle to waste) towards a circular model (cradle to cradle)

4. ADMA - (COSME Best practice SMV scan)

Development and testing of method to help transform SMEs into Factories of the Future. Spread the EU method through training of innovation intermediaries,  establishment of learning networks and a  Advanced Manufacturing Support Center, incl. website+ award ceremony

EUREKA SMART Cluster member 


Success Story / Achievements: 

Few years after the launch of MADE (2014), concrete commercial results were recognized. In 2017, the industrial partners in MADE SPIR were asked to report on the research projects that were most advanced at the time. Overall, the research had at that time already secured productivity increases of DKK 90 million. Based on these results, the Innovation Fund Denmark requested a mid-term evaluation of the MADE SPIR program to calculate the potential of spreading the entire research and the new solutions widely in Danish industry. The Danish analytics company DAMVAD carried out the analysis, and based on the project participants' figures, DAMVAD estimated an annual productivity increase of DKK 8.4 billion if technologies and methods from MADE SPIR research were disseminated and implemented in all relevant Danish manufacturing companies. This corresponds to a social gain of DKK 6.1 billion (813 MEU).

"The experience from MADE shows that there are billions to be gained by strengthening the cooperation between research and Danish production companies. In a few years MADE has delivered developments that provide the basis for more Danish production and already creates great value for Danish society "

Peter Høngaard, Managing Director, Innovation Fund Denmark, Oct. 2017

Why should partners choose you for cooperation?: 

MADE has proven that we took up a challenge. Creating  a vision, gathering the right people, setting up a good structure and working hard with discipline and trust - have made it possible for us to support the shift of Danish industry decline to growth and from MADE being solely a national program to also being a recognized ecosystem and a Digital innovation Hub with impact.