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TECES, Slovenian Energy Cluster

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General Information
The date when the cluster organisation was established: 
Monday, 1 January, 2001
Number of staff in the management team of the cluster organisation : 
Cluster Excellence Label: 
Silver Label
Other Label: 
Membership to other networks/partnerships: 
TCI Network
S3 Partnership on Sustainable Buildings
Cluster Management Team: 
Cluster Manager
+386 2 333 13 50
Project Manager
+386 2 333 13 55
Potocnik Cerne
Project Manager
+386 2 333 13 53
Languages spoken: 
Sectoral and Industrial Focus
Sectoral Industries: 
Electric Power Generation and Transmission
Lighting and Electrical Equipment
Technology fields: 
Energy management
Generators, electric engines and power converters
S3 EU priority areas: 
Cleaner environment & efficient energy networks (e.g. smart grids)
Power generation / renewable sources
Emerging industries: 
Digital Industries
Environmental Industries
Areas of specialisation of the cluster not covered above: 
Smart buildings and home
Composition of the cluster
Total number of members: 
Number of SME members: 
Number of start-ups among SME members: 
Number of larger company members: 
Number of research organisations/universities/technology centres: 
Number of other ecosystem actors : 
Entrepreneurship and scale-up support facilities in the cluster's ecosystem (see "Organisation type"): 
Name and link of major players: 
Cluster Strategy

TECES is to become an internationally recognized Slovenian innovation cluster for the enhancement of development partnerships and the internationalization of member’s activities in the fields of efficient energy conversion and use and energy-efficient systems.

Do you have a formalised strategy?: 
Do you have a specific strategy focus that addresses internationalisation ?: 
Support services provided: 
Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.)
Direct advisory services
Facilitation of collaboration between members
Periodic Information dissemination
Innovation Management / Support of innovation processes (internal, external)
Details of support services: 
  1. Acquisition of funds for co-financing activities for research, technology development and products industrialisation; for pilot, demonstration, infrastructure and investment projects; for enabling non-technology development projects (CSA); the preparation of applications for obtaining public co-financing of projects; management and coordination of larger consortia projects; ICT project management support
  2. Collaborative technology development and technology transfer joint development of products, technologies and services; establishing of public-private (international) consortia; inclusion in international networks and initiatives to strengthen the competencies and visibility; organisation of focused workgroups; intellectual property protection (national, international)
  3. Internal networking and information provision preparation of harmonized member and cluster strategies for co-development of national roadmaps and strategies; preparation of joint development and demonstration projects for co-financing; regular events for the presentation of new members; thematic events and workshops for members only; periodic information on the possibilities of financing projects relative to the common development orientation, international)
  4. Internationalisation of members activity establishment of harmonized member and cluster strategies for the internationalization of Slovenian technology solutions; strengthening contacts to enhance international technology development cooperation and business opportunities; attraction of foreign investors to support the implementation of demonstration projects in Slovenia or abroad; participation at fairs and professional conferences abroad to present the R&D activities of members.)

Visit TECES: https://www.teces.si

Cooperation Activities
International Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Our cluster organisation undertook the following international activities to support our members: 
Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
Trans-national Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Our cluster organisation undertook the following trans-national activities to support our members: 
Support to collaborative activities/etc.
Which clusters do you collaborate with?: 
Support Programmes
Participation in Funded Support Programmes: 
European ProgrammesName & Description (Regional/National)

Teces is recognized as a key national cluster and is involved in main strateg

  • Active stakeholder in Slovenia's Smart Specialisation Strategy
    • 2014 – 2016: preparation of governmental and regional development strategy and plans; involved in S3 preparation phase, defining S3 key priority areas and in conducting a coordinated stakeholders’ response about initiatives in the field of Smart Buildings and Home including Wood Chain.
    • 2017 : Coordinator of Strategic Research Innovation Partnership Smart Buildings and Homes including Wood Chain which is a  key national partnership developed as Slovenian Smart Specialisation Strategy Measure
  • Partner in the biggest Slovenian Japanese „Smart Grids and Smart Communities“ demonstration pilot project (35 million €)
    • – 2016: responsible for coordinating activities with Slovenian government and involving Slovenian companies and smart communities in the preparation phase of the project
    • à responsible for consumer inclusion in the field of lowering peak electric energy demand (pilot action)
  • HI.TECH Slovenia Technology Bridge (Twin office) - Internationalization of Slovenian economy through clusters
    • Founding member of Hi.Tech Slovenia Technology Bridge (Twin offices)
    • Internationalization of Slovenian economy through clusters (SLO - India)
  • Competence Centre for Human Resources Development in the Electrical Industry
    •  responsible for coordinating the future orientation of human resources development in the field of electrical industry
  • Competence Centre for Advanced Systems of Efficient Use of Electrical Energy (10 million €)
    • – 2013:  coordinator, 24 new products developed
  • 2017 - 2020: Partner in Interreg CE Smart_watch project: Regional branch observatories of intelligent markets in CE, monitoring technology trends and market deveopments in the area of smart specializations
  • 2017 - : Lead partner of Interreg SI-AT Capacon project: Strengthening R&I capacity in the field of energy conversion and management in Slovenia and Austria
  • More than 50 joint R&D & technology project proposals for national public financing
    • – 2015: more than 90% application success rate  
Why should partners choose you for cooperation?: 

TECES is recognized as a holder of Slovenian one of the 9 key national clusters in Slovenia. In 2017 TECES decided to integrate Slovenian Smart Specialization Strategy in its Cluster strategy and became a coordinator of Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership Smart Buidlings and Home including Wood Chain, which is one of the nine key partnerships according to SLovenian Smart Specialization Strategy.

Having in mind its mission, TECES successfully implemented different joint activities and projects in accordance with its development strategy and needs of Slovenian faculties and enterprises competing on the global knowledge market of electric machines, electromotor drives, mechatronic systems, power electronics, control algorithms, efficient use of energy, and efficient exploitation of renewable energy resources.

The successful execution of past projects has also positioned TECES in the role of one of the most competent partners in management, coordination and support activities in a broad research and near-to-market professional environment connected to energy-efficiency in the broadest sense, as well as of one of the most competent partners in research and development activities for power electronic converters.

Since 2014, TECES also holds the Cluster Management Excellence Label bronze from European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) which recognised TECES as a cluster organisation with valuable R&I support services for members.