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Transylvania Lands Cluster

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General Information
The date when the cluster organisation was established: 
Wednesday, 19 March, 2014
Number of staff in the management team of the cluster organisation : 
Cluster Excellence Label: 
Bronze Label
Membership to other networks/partnerships: 
Cluster Management Team: 
Cluster Manager
Elena Iuliana
ECCP Responsible Person
Anca Roxanda
Internationalisation Responsible
Internationalisation Responsible
Languages spoken: 
Sectoral and Industrial Focus
Sectoral Industries: 
Education and Knowledge Creation
Food Processing and Manufacturing
Technology fields: 
Food Packaging / Handling
Cultural Heritage
S3 EU priority areas: 
Creative, arts & entertainment activities
Support to link cultural & creative industries to traditional industries
Emerging industries: 
Creative Industries
Digital Industries
Areas of specialisation of the cluster not covered above: 
Tourism and related services industry
Composition of the cluster
Total number of members: 
Number of SME members: 
Number of larger company members: 
Number of research organisations/universities/technology centres: 
Number of other ecosystem actors : 
Entrepreneurship and scale-up support facilities in the cluster's ecosystem (see "Organisation type"): 
Name and link of major players: 
University 1 December Alba Iulia
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Alba
Unirea Pres srl
Technology Center
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
Heritage Valuation
Cluster Strategy

Building a sustainable economy requires equal focus on: 1) Generate Robust job growth by maximizing opportunities to produce and sell products and services to existing business, developing and / or relocated; 2) Maintain leadership in sustainability through continuous efforts to produce an innovative economic environment that stimulates creativity and invention; 3) Making broad based prosperity by stimulating economic activity in rural, urban and throughout the region.

The three strategy components overlap in several ways: 1) efficient development of labor increases employment opportunities for residents of the neighborhood; 2) innovation in metamorphosed from local expertise, which can then be sold abroad by companies in Transylvania Lands; 3) successful business based collaboration can access national and international markets and lead to an increase of jobs in the companies involved.

Do you have a formalised strategy?: 
Do you have a specific strategy focus that addresses internationalisation ?: 
Support services provided: 
Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.)
Access to technology services
Facilitation of cross-sectorial cooperation
Promotion of activities (marketing/ visibility)
Provision and facilitation of access to training for members
Details of support services: 

As for Cluster Management Entity - EMC ANTREC Alba Transylvania supports:

a) identify business opportunities in the field of activity of cluster members; b) develop annual plans of studies substantiating the design themes including promotion and marketing; c) develops research policy objectives underlying the cluster; d) elaborates the strategy for achieving the goals of the cluster so as to facilitate the access of SMEs in the cluster consulting services with high added value; e) coordinates development programs and projects for businesses cluster members, necessary to achieve the objectives; f) ensures the management of projects financed by grants or mixed sources; g) provides branding products cluster members; h) determines and provides the necessary patents, inventions and innovative technologies; i) offers certification according to the specific activity of members by applicable European Union standards for quality, including increasing the quality of the environment; j) provides members access to information, training and professional development; k) to interface with external entities specialized in organizing events to promote products and services and the animation business cluster members; l) liaises with local and central authorities for participation in joint projects, including social investment package; m) ensures lobby for attracting new members to the cluster including collaboration with foreign clusters.

Cooperation Activities
International Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Our cluster organisation undertook the following international activities to support our members: 
Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
Trans-national Cooperation
The main countries targeted by the cluster organisation: 
Our cluster organisation undertook the following trans-national activities to support our members: 
Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs
Please explain: 

Participation in trade missions and cooperation to our partners in France, Belgium, Romania - Iasi, Hungary, BulgariaLuxembourg, Romania-Brasov

Which clusters do you collaborate with?: 
France Clusters
Balneotourism Cluster
Turistec Cluster De Tecnologias De Las Islas Baleares
Competitiveness clusters - Imaginove
Support Programmes
Participation in Funded Support Programmes: 
European ProgrammesProject NameLinkName & Description (Regional/National)Link (Regional/National)

- 5.2. Promoting long-term sustainability of rural areas in terms of human resource development and employment

- 2.1 Transition from school to active life

POSDRU (2007-2013) - Regional

Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (HRD) developed by Romania and approved by the European Commission defines the European Social Fund intervention in Romania consistent development strategy of human resources.

Success Story / Achievements: 

ANTREC Alba Transylvania took the initiative of establishing Cluster Transylvania Lands and become cluster management entity.

For this, ANTREC Alba Transylvania will diversify its activities for the cultural, historical and religious tourism, tourism and related services and contribute to the internationalization of business and Cluster members Transylvania Lands.

National Rural Tourism Fair (TNTR) from Albac - Alba County Romania, was designed from the outset as a nation/international-wide event that promotes local ownership of rural areas. Furthermore, being hosted by the tourist resort of local interest Albac, a location that offers the necessary facilities in good organization of such events, the fair aims to attract the support of authorities and agencies Profile, managing over annual editions to cover an underexploited niche of Romanian exhibition events and offering the public a true getaway from the daily too predatory and a good opportunity for business meetings and contracts.

The event is organized by Alba County Council and the City of Albac, initiated and in partnership with the Transylvania Lands Cluster, aimed at promoting rural tourism and traditional culture in Romania. Each edition of the Fair enjoys great interest from numerous public who can discover the hospitality, traditions and unique landscapes from Apuseni Mountains in Transylvania.

National Rural Tourism Fair (TNTR) from Albac reached the eleventh edition and has become the most important event of this type from Romania.

Why should partners choose you for cooperation?: 

Transylvania Lands Cluster from Romania is proud holder of Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative and its main activities are related to creative and cultural sectors and tourism.  Lonely Planet  situates Transylvania on the 1st place in the top  of the best EU regions to be visited in 2016  but  this appreciation needs  an adequate promotion  campaign online. 

The purpose of the project proposal is to facilitate collaboration among EU cluster organisations in consortia on TIC applications for the tourism sector, to enhance cluster managers’skills for generating added-value TIC services for the SME’s members in view to exploit synergies towards common activities and joint strategy development. 

In view to stimulate the innovative activities, especially in SME’s, Transylvania Lands Cluster  proposes  targeted training actions for cluster managers to identify areas for improvement, coaching and mentoring, Cluster Excellence benchmarking assessment , platforms for knowledge sharing and expertise and development of a comprehensive TIC strategy for tourism.