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Strengthening clusters Management Activities and Running Trans-national for implementation of nearly Zero Energy Buildings
Start of Partnership: 
Monday, 3 February, 2020
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Partnership Objectives: 

SMART4NZEB aims at boosting competitiveness and supporting the scaling-up of 577 SMEs active in construction, energy efficiency and renewables sectors through strengthening the capacity-building of 5 representative clusters as drivers of innovation in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) and facilitating trans-national exchanges and strategic partnerships with a focus on sharing experience between different practices, skills gaps, policies, target goals and level of engagement related to nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB).

Results expected: 

It is expected that SMART4NZEB will create the premises for a long term collaboration, co-learning and capacity building environment for all those involved in the project - cluster managers, cluster members and other relevant stakeholders representative for the nZEB market in the selected Central and East-European countries. Through development of the involved clusters management capacity and support of interregional partnerships, an expected outcome is the enhancement of clusters in terms of better and more innovative & modern approach in addressing cross-sectoral and cross border collaboration, in order to tackle main environmental, economic and social challenges of cluster members. Further and beyond the Project timeframe, it is expected that new perspectives will be created for more competitive products and technological solutions for new and existing buildings, which will also lead to market penetration of nearly zero energy buildings.

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Cluster for Promoting Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (pRO-nZEB) Construction Products and Services, Environmental Services

Low, zero and plus energy rating, Thermal insulation

Construction:Civil engineering, Construction:Construction of buildings

Environmental Industries
Romania Bucureşti - Ilfov 22 4
Polish Construction Cluster – coordinated by Polish Advisory and Consulting Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Doradcze i Konsultingowe) Construction Products and Services

Construction engineering (design, simulation), Construction methods and equipment

Construction:Construction of buildings

Creative Industries
Poland Podlaskie 314 157
Bioenergy for the Region - coordinated by Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia (CENTRUM BADAN I INNOWACJI PRO-AKADEMIA) Business Services, Education and Knowledge Creation

Photovoltaics, Solar/Thermal energy

Energy production & distribution:Power generation / renewable sources

Creative Industries
Poland Łódzkie 84 53
CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER DUNDJER Construction Products and Services, Education and Knowledge Creation

Photovoltaics, Quality Standards

Construction:Civil engineering, Digital Agendae-Inclusion (e.g. e-Skills, e-Learning)
Serbia Region of South and Easth Serbia 60 50
CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER OF SLOVENIA Business Services, Construction Products and Services

Construction methods and equipment, Management of construction process & life

Construction:Civil engineering, Construction:Construction of buildings

Environmental Industries
Slovenia Slovenia 13 12