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Smart CiTies through smart Clustering striving for Excellence
Start of Partnership: 
Monday, 3 February, 2020
Partnership duration
Number of partners
Number of planned Exchanges
Partnership's Origin
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Partnership Objectives: 

Smart Cities through Smart Clustering develops a relationship model between clusters related to aspects of the Smart City paradigm and establishes the bases of a collaborative network that includes some of the most relevant ecosystems of the Smart City model: Mobility, Energy, Environment and ICT.

A network to promote long-term, cross-sectoral, cross-geographic initiatives capable of generating a clear impact in the different involved territories through the collaboration of their productive fabric and the transmission of knowledge and generation of new value chains.

Specific objectives are:

  • Establishment of an environment of trust and mutual knowledge among the clusters involved
  • Identification of best practices in relation to management of the organizations involved, value proposal delivery to the respective members and sharing of the know-how associated with reference themes (mobility, energy, environment, ICT, etc)
  • Identification and definition of a common strategy around the theme of Smart Cities capable of generating a framework of longterm relationship between the clusters involved and laying the foundations of future member (clusters) incorporations
  • Definition and execution of a Plan of Actions aiming at implementing activities and identifying methodologies
  • Support in the implementation of a new ClusterXchange pilot scheme
Partnership planned events: 
Target Group: 
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Estimated Date: 
30th September - 2nd October 2020
Target Group: 
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Estimated Date: 
17th - 19th November 2020
Results expected: 
  • To improve Clusters Excellence and management skills by conducting specific trainning activities and peer-lerning seminars
  • To elaborate the project's Smart City Value chain and map the involved clusters' ecosystem
  • To develop a Cluster Partnership Strategy and Implementation Roadmap, focused on the collaboration around the Smart Cities areas (Mobility, Energy, Environment and ICT)
  • To reach 50 exchanges involving at least 35 European SMEs

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Netzwerk Energie & Umwelt e. V. Environmental Services

Energy management, Heat pump

Sustainable innovationSustainable energy & renewables

Environmental Industries
Germany Leipzig 78 53
Clúster Digital de Catalunya Communications Equipment and Services, Distribution and Electronic Commerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Technology/Informatics

Digital AgendaICT trust, cyber security & network security, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)Computer programming, consultancy & related activities

Digital Industries, Mobility Technologies
Spain Cataluña 56 27
Electric vehicles industrial cluster Automotive, Environmental Services

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Manufacturing & IndustryMotor vehicles & other transport equipments, Sustainable innovationSmart green & integrated transport systems
Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) 72 59
Basque Mobility and Logistics Cluster, MLC ITS Euskadi Transportation and Logistics

Applications for Transport and Logistics, System and transportation

Sustainable innovationSmart green & integrated transport systems, Transporting & storageRoad transport & related services

Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies
Spain País Vasco 98 65
Fondazione Torino Wireless Automotive, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Digital Systems, Digital Representation, Information Technology/Informatics

Digital AgendaIntelligent inter-modal & sustainable urban areas (e.g. smart cities), Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)Information service activities

Digital Industries, Mobility Technologies
Italy Piemonte 320 229