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Activities and Businesses from Real Opportunities for Aerospace Developments (EACP network)
ESCP-4i Status: 
Implementation Phase - Strand2
Start of Partnership: 
Previous initiatives: 
ESCP Pilots 2013: 
ESCP-4i Charter: 
Partnership duration
24 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Targeted third countries
United Arab Emirates
United States

The European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) is a network of European aerospace clusters. Its main objective is to initiate an active exchange of information and knowledge between all partners and to develop and realize concrete steps for long-term trans-national cooperation between clusters and companies for a stronger and more competitive European position in the world aerospace markets. The ABROAD project aims at supporting the first implementation, testing and further development of the EACP joint internationalisation strategy. ABROAD therefore proposes a programme that will deepen existing links between EACP and foreign regions with the determination of inserting European SMEs in international value chains by supporting the fostering of new international businesses or the emergence of international R&T cooperations.

Sectoral Industries: 
Aerospace Vehicles and Defence
Technology Fields: 
INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING, MATERIAL AND TRANSPORTAerospace TechnologyAeronautical technology / Avionics
S3 EU priority areas: 
Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics
Emerging industries: 
Mobility Technologies
Partnership planned events: 
Partnership other activities: 

- Development of a cluster-level frame of collaborations with 6 international target regions (those targeted by the joint EACP internationalization strategy).

- SME-level tangible actions (such as trade missions, BtoB meetings and participation to road-shows), benefiting from cluster-to-cluster collaborations.

- Key international opportunities shared with EACP clusters members, and invitations to international partners to participate to European events, to maximize the impact of actions on European SMEs.

- Open on complementary horizons and build cross-partnerships collaborations, at cluster level and for clusters members.

- Maximize the EACP International part by federating a wider audience and by creating synergies with additional sources of funding for internationalisation activities.

- Promote the ABROAD activities and EACP Internationalization to the regional and cross-regional authorities, in order to bring together more important and sychronized internationalisation efforts.

Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Aviation Valley / Dolina Lotnicza Aerospace Vehicles and Defence

Aircraft, Propulsion

Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics, Aeronautics & spaceRemotely piloted aircrafts

Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies
Poland Podkarpackie 140 88

Aeronautical technology / Avionics

Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics, Aeronautics & spaceSpace

Digital Industries
France Rhône-Alpes 200 130
Eskisehir Chamber of Industry - Aviation Cluster Aerospace Vehicles and Defence, Metalworking Technology

Aeronautical technology / Avionics, Aircraft

Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics & environment, Aeronautics & spaceTransport & logistics

Digital Industries, Experience Industries
Turkey Bursa Subregion 34 40
HEGAN - Basque Aerospace Cluster Aerospace Vehicles and Defence

Aircraft, Propulsion

Energy production & distribution:Power generation / renewable sources, KETSAdvanced manufacturing systems

Creative Industries, Digital Industries
Spain País Vasco 64 48
Hamburg Aviation e.V. Aerospace Vehicles and Defence, Metalworking Technology

Aeronautical technology / Avionics, Aircraft

Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics, Construction:Civil engineering

Digital Industries, Logistical Services
Germany Hamburg 175 100
Süderelbe AG Aerospace Vehicles and Defence, Production Technology and Heavy Machinery

Aeronautical technology / Avionics, Aircraft

Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics, KETSAdvanced manufacturing systems

Digital Industries, Experience Industries
Germany Hamburg 250 200

Aircraft, Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)

Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics, Aeronautics & spaceAeronautics & environment

Environmental Industries
Spain Aragón 28 17
Aerospace Valley Aerospace Vehicles and Defence, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems, Aeronautical technology / Avionics

Aeronautics & spaceTransport & logistics, KETSAdvanced materials

Blue Growth Industries, Mobility Technologies
France Midi-Pyrénées 869 575