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Clusters for Cities of the Future
ESCP-4i Status: 
Preparation Phase - Strand1
Start of Partnership: 
Partnership duration
24 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Targeted third countries
United States

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Smart city services and products are recognized by European Commission in Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030 and European Industrial Renaissance” as solution for the challenges posed by growing urbanization in terms of mobility, building, public services, environment and safety — while promoting sustainability.

Clusters for the City of the Future (C2Future) general objective is creating and sustaining European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of Smart Cities, fostering the international collaboration among 6 clusters in ICT, mobility, building and construction and environmental technologies.

C2Future will raise new value chain targeting third countries markets such as: USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Algeria and exploit already established contacts in these countries

The C2Future’s specific objectives are:

•to create a favorable framework and new value chain for setting up a strong and sustainable C2Future strategic crosscluster partnership across Europe in the field of Smart Cities;

•to foster mutual knowledge, trans-regional and cross – sectorial cooperation and partnership building among C2Future clusters and SMEs members

•Favor the internationalization of SMEs members and cluster partners by development of C2Future long-term agenda for internationalization toward third countries market beyond Europe.

•To promote the C2Future cluster partnership and its activities on national, regional and European level

Sectoral Industries: 
Information Technology and Analytical Instruments
Technology Fields: 
ELECTRONICS, IT AND TELECOMMSInformation Processing & Systems, WorkflowInternet of Things
PROTECTING MAN AND ENVIRONMENTEnvironmentClean Production / Green Technologies
S3 EU priority areas: 
Digital AgendaIntelligent inter-modal & sustainable urban areas (e.g. smart cities)
Emerging industries: 
Digital Industries

Environmental Industries, Mobility Technologies, 

Partnership planned events: 
Partnership other activities: 
  • Online survey among SMEs for identiying strengths,  weaknesses, competences and interests of SMEs members of clusters and their possible complementarities. The survey will address different aspects such as internationalization level and potential, presence on foreign markets, technical and management capacities, innovation level and cooperation interests in order to identify the needs and assets of clusters’ members. Thanks to the answers, project partners will identify the limitation factors for internationalization, required skills, the technologies offered and demand, possibilities for cooperation in order to build successful strategic cluster partnership.
  • Capacity building webinars: Topics:  Understanding global value chains; Market Entry Strategies; IPR protection on international level; Relationship building and communication skills
  • Organization of 6 C2Future B2B and C2C events to foster trans-national partnership building and to intensify links among clusters and companies 6 B2B and C2C events will be organized in each represented region: Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain and Greece
  • C2Future final conference in Milano.  The event will be attended by companies working in the field of mobility, ICT, environmental technologies, construction and smart building, clusters, incubators, policy makers, accelerators, representatives of local authorities and European organizations, research and technologies organizations, universities, representatives of other strategic cluster partnerships, representatives of organizations from the targeted third countries. During the event the new clusters will be officially accepted as members of C2Futue partnership.

C2Future Partnership will have an impact on more than 800 SMEs and 10 clusters coming from mobility, ICT, environmental technologies, construction and building. Expected results: - strengthen the competitiveness of the SME – members of the cluster partners - creation of new value chain in the field of Smart urbanization/ Smart Cities - Build clusters’ and SME’s capacity to interact with international partners - creation of joint internationalization strategy and internationalization roadmap.

Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 
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