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Europe Leading Blue Energy
ESCP-4i Status: 
Preparation Phase - Strand1
Start of Partnership: 
ESCP-4i Label: 
ESCP-4i Charter: 
Partnership duration
18 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Targeted third countries
Republic of Korea (South Korea)
United States

ELBE aims to contribute positioning Europe as the world technological and industrial leader in Blue Energy. Following this rationale, the consortium will start with a selected group of key regions (Strand 1) that will constitute the embryo of the development a true pan-European Blue Energy cluster platform with a clear internationalisation focus (future Strand 2).

Specific objectives are:

New Value Chain

  • To understand and identify the new value chain created under the Blue Energy paradigm, which will comprise companies from several traditional sectors such as energy, shipbuilding, sea logistics or environmental.
  • To consolidate a true trans-regional New Value Chain comprising the companies and other agents that are currently within each of the partners’ local value chains.
  • To position SMEs into trans-European consortiums to compete and take a leading position globally in the Blue Energy sector.

Internationalisation Strategy

  • To identify global trends, selecting target countries more open to the development of an early market and, therefore, internationalisation taking into account criteria such as high cost of energy, high resource availability, market size or support framework.
  • To analyse in depth these target markets, understanding their competitive dynamics and identifying key stakeholders which with to establish contact during the project.
  • To define an internationalisation roadmap that defines specific actions for each target market, to be developed and implemented by the consortium, and a monitoring scoreboard with verifiable indicators.

Cluster & SME Collaboration

  • To foster clusters & SMEs mutual knowledge, high-level trans-regional cooperation and partnership building among key leading Blue Energy regions in Europe, promoting matchmaking activities that could lead to open innovation spaces.
  • To help SMEs identify business and internationalisation opportunities in the Blue Energy sector by highlighting some of the key technology challenges in terms of affordability, performance, standardisation, reliability, survivability, installability, environmental impact, health and safety, predictability and operability.

To strengthen the new ESCP-4i by defining a common identity and developing joint promotional activities, starting to identify new potential strategic partners across Europe to further strengthen the consortium, conducting compatibility and readiness checks in terms of strategy and profile.

Sectoral Industries: 
Electric Power Generation and Transmission
Technology Fields: 
ENERGYEnergy production, transmission and conversionGenerators, electric engines and power converters
S3 EU priority areas: 
Blue growthBlue renewable energy
Emerging industries: 
Blue Growth Industries
Partnership planned events: 
Target GroupTypeEstimated DateCountryCity
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Matchmaking Event
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Matchmaking Event
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Matchmaking Event
United Kingdom
Partnership other activities: 

Attendance to specific sectorial conferences in Europe.

Exploratory missions to potential Target Markets to develop the Internationalisation Strategy of the partnership.

  • Creation of a true EU cross-border and cross-sectoral new value chain. Identification and prioritisation of business opportunities for SMEs in the emerging Blue Energy market.
  • An internationalisation strategy with joint high-impact actions and related indicators. Fostering of European SMEs internationalisation.
  • An alliance with a clear focus and ready for internationalisation. A governance model that assigns explicit responsibilities and tasks in order to guarantee its consolidation and success. Identification of at least two additional partners that would be part of an effort to develop a more pan-European consortium under a Strand 2 project.
Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Energy Cluster Denmark Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Oil and Gas Production and Transportation

Storage of electricity, batteries, Wind energy

Energy production & distribution:Energy distribution, Energy production & distribution:Power generation / renewable sources

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries
Denmark Syddanmark 290 215
Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group Business Services

Hydropower, Wind energy

Blue growthBlue renewable energy, Energy production & distribution:Power generation / renewable sources

Blue Growth Industries
United Kingdom North Eastern Scotland 150 150
De Blauwe Cluster vzw Business Services

Aquaculture, Wind energy

Blue growthAquaculture, Blue growthBlue renewable energy

Blue Growth Industries
Belgium Prov. West-Vlaanderen 151 99
OffshoreVäst Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Oil and Gas Production and Transportation

Marine Science, Other energy related machinery

Blue growthBlue renewable energy, Blue growthOffshore mining, oil & gas

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries
Sweden Västsverige 75 40
Basque Energy Cluster (Cluster de Energía) Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Lighting and Electrical Equipment

Smart grids, Transmission of electricity

Blue growthBlue renewable energy, Energy production & distribution:Energy distribution

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries
Spain País Vasco 165 90