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Moving the Future
ESCP-4i Status: 
Preparation Phase - Strand1
Start of Partnership: 
Friday, 1 January, 2016
Partnership duration
24 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Targeted third countries

This partnership aims at creating an European Strategic Cluster in the field of transport and logistics, fostering the international collaboration between clusters in transport and logistics, ICT and green technologies. The methodology adopted for generating cross-innovation collaboration will also benefit the internationalization towards third countries which can participate in these new value chains or introduce our SMEs in already existing global value chains. In this sense, the dialogue established with Brazil and Morocco will aim at establishing new business opportunities for existing SMEs or at creating new innovative transnational ventures.

The specific objectives are:

1. To set up strategic cross-border and cross-sectorial (transport and logistics, ICT and green technologies) collaborations between the SMEs members of the clusters partners

2. To favour the internationalization of SMEs members of the clusters partners

3. To develop an internationalisation strategy plan aimed at third countries, including a roadmap for implementation

4. To develop an enlargement strategy including a sustainability plan to widen the partnership to other clusters from Europe and third countries. Our goals are to establish cooperation agreements with new clusters, and to develop European research and innovation joint projects.

Sectoral Industries: 
Transportation and Logistics
Technology Fields: 
S3 EU priority areas: 
Aeronautics & spaceTransport & logistics
Emerging industries: 
Logistical Services
Partnership planned events: 
Target GroupTypeEstimated DateCountryCity
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Matchmaking Event
January 2017
Open to SMEs
Study Visits
June 2016
Saint Etienne
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Matchmaking Event
August 2017
Cluster Organisations
June 2016
Saint Etienne
Cluster Organisations
Open to SMEs
Matchmaking Event
December 2017
Partnership other activities: 

1. Invitation of additional clusters

2. Analysis of the Third Countries markets: Brazil and Morocco

3. Development of an Internationalization strategy

4. Organization of brokerage events targeting other European clusters and SMes and Third Countries, particularly Brazil and Morocco.




-Identification of European new business opportunities within the EU clusters

-Identification and creation of EU cross-border and cross-sectorial partnerships

-Fostering of European SMEs internationalization

-Creation of a new value chain in the fields of transport and logistics in combination with IT and green technologies

-Technological intelligence study on future trends on smart and sustainable transport & logistics



Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Cluster Green Transport Transportation and Logistics

Intermodal Transport, Logistics, Railway Transport

Transporting & storageRail transport & related services, Transporting & storageRoad transport & related services, Transporting & storageWarehousing & support activities for transportation (logistics storage)

Digital Industries, Environmental Industries, Logistical Services
Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) 20 18
E-Mobility Cluster Regensburg Automotive

Automation, Robotics Control Systems

Sustainable innovationResource efficiency

Mobility Technologies
Germany Oberpfalz 14 10
Bavarian IT-Logistics Cluster Transportation and Logistics


Aeronautics & spaceTransport & logistics, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)Computer programming, consultancy & related activities, ServicesScientific research & development

Digital Industries, Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies
Germany Oberpfalz 50 40
North South Logistics & Transport Cluster Transportation and Logistics

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Shipbuilding, Water Transport

Sustainable innovationEco-innovations, Sustainable innovationSmart green & integrated transport systems, Transporting & storageWater transport & related services

Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies
Poland Pomorskie 52 33
Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications Communications Equipment and Services, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Broadband Technologies, Mobile Communications, VoIP telephony, remote access

Digital AgendaHigh speed broadband: last mile networks (>30 Mbps), Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)Information service activities, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)Telecommunications

Digital Industries, Mobility Technologies
Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) 20 19
CLEVER Construction Products and Services, Electric Power Generation and Transmission, Environmental Services

Biogas and anaerobic digestion (AD), Energy management, Fuel cells

Sustainable innovationEco-innovations, Sustainable innovationSustainable energy & renewables, Sustainable innovationSustainable production & consumption

Environmental Industries, Mobility Technologies
Italy Piemonte 250 208
Electric vehicles industrial cluster Automotive, Environmental Services

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Manufacturing & IndustryMotor vehicles & other transport equipments, Sustainable innovationSmart green & integrated transport systems, Sustainable innovationSustainable energy & renewables
Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) 72 59
Canary Cluster for Transports and Logistics Transportation and Logistics

Aeronautics & spaceTransport & logistics, Blue growthShipbuilding & ship repair, Transporting & storageRoad transport & related services

Logistical Services, Mobility Technologies
Spain Canarias 27 16
NUMELINK Business Services, Communications Equipment and Services, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Applications for Tourism, Applications for Transport and Logistics, ERP - Electronic Resources Planning

Digital AgendaHigh speed broadband: last mile networks (>30 Mbps), Digital AgendaICT trust, cyber security & network security, Digital AgendaOpen data & sharing of public sector information

Creative Industries, Digital Industries, Mobility Technologies
France Rhône-Alpes 219 180