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PERES (Voluntary Partnership 2016-2017)

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PERES-Promoting European Rail Excellence outSide EU
PERES (Voluntary Partnership 2016-2017)
ESCP-4i Status: 
Voluntary Partnerships
Start of Partnership: 
ESCP-4i Label: 
Partnership duration
18 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Targeted third countries
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United States

The Railway sector is since ever core to the European Industry and also to the European development in terms of free movement of persons and goods. Its centrality in the EU policies (European Railway Area, TEN-T networks, Railway Packages, ERTMS technology, Shift²Rail JTI, etc.) together with the continuous efforts of the Rail Industries and Operators to improve the quality of trains, infrastructures and the overall system through strong R&D&I well explain the excellence reached by the European Railway sector at global level. The Railway Clusters committed in the PERES Partnership aim at promoting cross-border and cross-sectoral cooperation between SMEs and other relevant stakeholders and to identify the most suitable channels and tools to facilitate their internationalisation processes outside EU.

To do so the PERES Partnership aims at intensifying cluster and business network collaboration across borders and sectoral boundaries and, thanks to the ESCP-4i, to lead international cluster cooperation in the Rail transport.

The Railway sector, in fact, is intrinsically technological, but our effort will be to widen the application domains – thus markets - intercepting the innovation trajectories and help our enterprises build their competitive position upon them.  

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KEY WORDS OF PARTNERSHIP: New era challenges, Global needs, Emerging markets, Mobility, Rail transport, Sustainablility, Low Carbon, Safety, Security, European excellence, Emerging value chains, Networking, Clusters, Long-term Partnership, ESCP, SMEs, Laboratories, Research bodies, Relevant Stakeholders, Empowerment, International approach, Internationalization Strategy.

RAILWAY: key element of the economy and development policy in Europe and worldwide. At world level the focus on the enormous challenges related to the development of eco-friendly, reliable, safe and secure mobility is more and more great due to the fundamental impact mobility daily has both on citizens’ quality of life and competitiveness and socio-economic growth of a territory. The rise of mobility demand needs a clear and sustainable answer, that is not the one provided by private motor vehicles. All the main European and International Institutions agree on the need to change paradigm in the mobility sector; in their own vision and long-term strategies each one plans the major development of Railway transport both for medium/long-distance and urban trips. Rail transport, in fact, wins upon motor vehicles not only in terms of environmental impact but also in terms of congestion reduction.The Railway sector is therefore called to give a fundamental answer to such global needs. The European Railway sector – starting from its position of excellence worldwide - is called to deliver a business-led vision and technical solutions able to meet the challenges of the future transport era, while helping Europe to remain the leader region in Railway solutions globally.

Sectoral Industries: 
Transportation and Logistics
Technology Fields: 
S3 EU priority areas: 
Transporting & storageRail transport & related services
Emerging industries: 
Mobility Technologies
  • Environmental Industries
  • Innovative Materials Industries
  • Digital Industries
Partnership planned events: 
Partnership other activities: 

To be planned according to the possibilities given, since the PERES Partnership is on the reserve list.

Thanks to the ESCP-4i, the PERES Partnership (since on the reserve list) expects to:

  • capitalize on mutual exchange of practices and information with the other ESCPs
  • learn how to improve our Clusters' approach to any international promotional activity
  • identify emerging value of chains able to increase our SMEs excellence thanks to the cluster collaboration
  • participate in international cluster matchmaking events organised by DG GROWTH of the European Commission and in any possible similar activity.
Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Rail Alliance Transportation and Logistics

System and transportation, Railway Vehicles

Energy production & distribution:Power generation / renewable sources, Sustainable innovationHigh speed rail-road transportation systems

Digital Industries, Logistical Services
United Kingdom Herefordshire 600 550
DITECFER District for Rail Technologies, High Speed, Networks' Safety & Security Information Technology and Analytical Instruments, Transportation and Logistics

System and transportation, Railway Transport

Sustainable innovationHigh speed rail-road transportation systems, Sustainable innovationSmart green & integrated transport systems

Digital Industries, Environmental Industries
Italy Toscana 125 110
TTP i-Trans - competitiveness cluster Automotive, Transportation and Logistics

System and transportation, Railway Vehicles

Transporting & storageRail transport & related services, Transporting & storageRoad transport & related services

Mobility Technologies
France Nord - Pas-de-Calais 118 78