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ESCP S3 for speeding up industrial modernisation of agrofood packaging sectors towards Industry 4.0 and digital transformation by Cluster- Facilitated X-Industry Hackathons
Start of Partnership: 
Monday, 1 October, 2018
Partnership duration
18 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Partnership's Origin
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Partnership Objectives: 

The specific objectives of the DIGICLUSTERS include:

  • To develop the joint cluster partnership strategy with a common “European” strategic vision and objectives for the envisaged cluster collaboration and value chain linkages in a specific smart specialisation priority area
  • To identify strategic partners from Europe and build long-lasting partnerships with focus on high value objectives, cross-sectoral cooperation and boosting industrial modernization
  • To foster business-to-business (B2B) and cluster-to-cluster (C2C) collaborations and to build linkages with existing relevant interregional RIS3 partnerships under the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernization
  • To identify sectoral, territorial and organizational potential of clusters and its members to support cross-border collaboration and SMEs needs and current challenges in terms of digitalization and Industry 4.0 implementation
  • To prototype new value chains and emerging industries based on combined competences of consortium partners focusing on developing competitive next generation & added-value products and services through innovative approach of intra-regional and interregional hackathons
  • To create coherent Partnership identity to support clusters and SMEs international visibility and develop joint brand to promote consortium international recognition
  • To promote new investments between European innovation actors, especially SMEs
  • To actively disseminate project activities at European and international level using traditional and digital channels
  • To learn and monitor project activities promoting exchanges between Partnerships and enabling cross-fertilization and learning from successful and unsuccessful experiences
Emerging industries: 
Digital Industries
Sectoral Industries: 

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 concept in the agro food & packaging sectors

Results expected: 
  • Number of resulting collaboration and innovation projects - at least 3 projects
  • Total amount of investments generated - at least 1.5 million EUR
  • Number of SMEs having directly benefitted from the supported actions - 32 SMEs
  • Number of SMEs having indirectly benefitted from the supported actions - 739 SMEs
  • Number of partnership agreements resulting from the supported actions - 16
  • Number of cluster organisations, other business networks, technology centres and science parks from different COSME participating countries having benefitted directly and indirectly from the support actions - 20
  • Number of bilateral meetings, joint events and deliverables that were either prepared in consultation with or directly feed input into other initiatives and key networks - 60
  • Number of collaboration projects (cases) solved in hackathons - 24
  • Number of facilitated online matchmaking meetings - 32
Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 
Latvian Information and communications technology association (LIKTA)
Latvian Food Competence Center

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Asociación Cluster Granada Plaza Tecnologica y Biotecnologica Biopharmaceuticals, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Biochemistry / Biophysics, Health information management

Digital AgendaICT trust, cyber security & network security, Digital Agendae-Health (e.g. healthy ageing)
Spain Andalucía 710 646
Association of Lithuanian Printing Industries Paper and Packaging, Printing Services

Food Packaging / Handling, Foil, fils

Cultural and creative industriesDevelopment of regional cultural & creative industries, KETSAdvanced manufacturing systems

Advanced Packaging, Creative Industries
Lithuania Lietuva 28 18
Latvian IT Cluster Education and Knowledge Creation, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Information Technology/Informatics, e-Government

Creative, cultural arts & entertainment:Libraries, archives, museums & other cultural activities, Digital Agendae-Government (e.g. e-Procurement, e-Participation)

Creative Industries, Digital Industries
Latvia Latvija 43 35
Food Products Quality Cluster Fishing and Fishing Products, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Fish / Fisheries / Fishing Technology, Food Processing

Agricultural servicesFishing & aquaculture, Manufacturing & IndustryFood, beverage & tobacco products

Blue Growth Industries, Logistical Services
Latvia Latvija 139 118
SMART food cluster Food Processing and Manufacturing

Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food, Food Packaging / Handling

Manufacturing & IndustryFood, beverage & tobacco products, Public health and securityFood security & safety

Advanced Packaging, Digital Industries
Lithuania Lietuva 28 12
AgroBioAlliance (AgroBioCluster) Agricultural Inputs and Services, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Agriculture Machinery / Technology, Horticulture

Manufacturing & IndustryFood, beverage & tobacco products, Public health and securityFood security & safety

Advanced Packaging, Environmental Industries
Poland Mazowieckie 52 39