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European Automotive Cluster Network for Joint Industrial Modernisation Investments
Start of Partnership: 
Tuesday, 16 October, 2018
Partnership duration
24 months
Number of partners
Number of SMEs involved
Partnership's Origin
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Partnership Objectives: 

The European automotive industry, crucial for Europe’s economy, faces today several challenges regarding their product (e.g. need for electrification of cars, autonomous vehicles), competition (with new arrivals: Google, Tesla...) and data becoming more important than the cars. Traditional pyramidal supply chain value networks will not work anymore, collaboration between the different actors becomes necessary. Joint investments in industrial modernisation is a chance for SMEs to improve their and the automotive sector's competitiveness while minimisating the risk of bad decisions. The European Automotive Cluster Network for joint Industrial Modernisation Investments (EACN) aims at initiating joint R&D projects and investments teaming partners from different European regions. The focus is set on virtualisation of processes, robotics and artificial intelligence, elasticity of production, and skills and competencies. Physical and virtual workshops and matchmaking events will allow building a pipeline of joint collaboration and innovation projects which are realized with the support of the EACN clusters and companies, technology centres or science parks with complementary skills. Five selected projects will benefit from a financial co-contribution for an external expert support to shape their joint project or business proposal to viable and bankable documents. EACN also promotes interregional collaboration between the concerned Regional Authorities in the field of industrial modernisation in the automotive industry, secure the long-term cooperation of the engaged clusters through a common European EACN partnership strategy, and prepare EACN to the  future with more member clusters. EACN contributes to EC's policies (e.g. 'For a European Industrial Renaissance', ' Investing in a smart, innovative and sutstainable industry' and others) and to the S3 platform's thematic areas 'Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing' or 'SME integration to Industry 4.0'.

S3 EU priority areas: 
Technology Fields: 
Emerging industries: 
Digital Industries
Sectoral Industries: 
Partnership planned events: 
Estimated Date: 
Estimated Date: 
Estimated Date: 
Results expected: 
  • An EACN partnership strategy including action plan.
  • Enhanced cooperation between EACN clusters.
  • Facilities for SMEs from different clusters/countries to apply for funding in collaborative R&D or joint investment projects, thus sharing risks and costs for futur innovation and enhanced competitivity.
  • An outlook for a future EACN structure with additional members from Europe and abroad.
Other key partners or networks your partnership is linked with in Europe and in third countries: 
Bayern Innovative/Cluster Automotive

Partnership composition

Name Sector/Technology fields Country Regions Total no. of members Total no. of SME
Clúster de la Industria d'Automoció de Catalunya Automotive

System and transportation, Automotive engineering

Digital AgendaAutomated driverless vehicles, Sustainable innovationSmart green & integrated transport systems

Digital Industries, Logistical Services
Spain Cataluña 204 148
Automotive Cluster Bulgaria Automotive

Automation, Robotics Control Systems, Quality Management System

Aeronautics & spaceTransport & logistics, Digital AgendaAutomated driverless vehicles

Digital Industries, Logistical Services
Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) 68 28
Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing - KSSE SA Automotive

Automation, Robotics Control Systems, Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment

Manufacturing & IndustryBasic metals & of fabricated metals products, Manufacturing & IndustryElectrical equipment

Mobility Technologies
Poland Śląskie 126 46
Véhicule du Futur Automotive

System and transportation, Road Vehicles

Digital AgendaIntelligent inter-modal & sustainable urban areas (e.g. smart cities), KETSAdvanced manufacturing systems

Mobility Technologies
France Franche-Comté 390 185
Automobilski klaster Srbije Automotive

Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting), Supply chain

Manufacturing & IndustryBasic metals & of fabricated metals products, Manufacturing & IndustryMotor vehicles & other transport equipments

Environmental Industries, Mobility Technologies
Serbia City of Belgrade 52 40
Galician Automotive Cluster (CEAGA) Automotive

Body and main parts, Interior equipment

Digital AgendaAutomated driverless vehicles, Manufacturing & IndustryMotor vehicles & other transport equipments

Digital Industries, Logistical Services
Spain Galicia 157 135