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DIA is one of the Ambassador projects joining the IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona, 29th-31th October 2019 : a unique event dedicated exclusively to joining IoT providers with industry in order to help the latter increase productivity via this disruptive technology . The IoT Solutions World Congress is the largest IoT event in the world to get inspired with new ideas, solutions and people. Since it’s first edition back in 2015, the event has grown to become the global reference for industrial IoT , and the annual meeting for industry stakeholders to establish new partnerships. An event that brings together the leading experts and companies and the only event worldwide to have a estbed area with live demonstrations where you can see use cases applying IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain.
Date: 14/10/2019 - 11:04 | DIA
On 3 rd and 4 th September 2019 DIA has taken part to the German study visit in Frankfurt and Aachen areas organized by BNPT, one of the DIA partners.The first day DIA consortium has visited PVA TePla Group in Wettemberg : established in 1991, the PVA IVS GmbH builds and sells thermic process systems and systems for developing, manufacturing and treating high-quality materials at high temperatures. The company designs high-performance furnaces for sintering, joining, welding, melting, nitriding, and carburizing in controlled atmospheres ranging from high-vacuum conditions to pressures of 200 bar. After the initial...
Date: 30/09/2019 - 10:33 | DIA

Developed within the scope of the PIMAP Partnership project, the market study is the result of a desk research and embodies a market analysis of the current market trends and opportunities in USA and Canada, within the scope of photonics-enabled advanced manufacturing.
Date: 08/10/2019 - 09:58 | PIMAP Partnership
The missions developed and the conclusions on its contribution towards PIMAP objectives, provided grounds of evidence of their relevance in: Supporting market intelligence actions and exploration of opportunities and synergies, for both clusters and their SMEs, e.g. as clearly results from the mission to the US by the occasion of the Photonics West fair; The establishment of contacts with key stakeholders towards the deployment of future actions, e.g. as it occurred with New York Photonics and the organization of a back-to-back mission to the neighbour state of New York, USA, in articulation with the EU-Canada cluster...
Date: 25/09/2019 - 09:19 | PIMAP Partnership

GCA is ready to move forward with a strong implementation plan. This document describes the key elements for the GCA Implementation Plan, respectively the Roadmap and the activities that have to be done in the second phase of the project. Obviously, GCA’s Preparatory international actions and implementation plan were both based on the 5 pillars ( Pillar 1: GCA Brand Building/Marketing / Pillar 2: Strategic Partnerships / Pillar 3: Creation of European Metacluster / Pillar 4: Identification of Smart Venue Projects / Pillar 5: Identification of other Niche Markets) identified in the Internationalisation Strategy . -...
Date: 07/10/2019 - 13:24 | GCA
GCA's Internationalisation Strategy have been published in January 2019. Here are the main results: 1. Four target countries are selected: USA, Canada, China, South Korea 2 . An analysis of the four sports markets and of the most relevant and potential targets in each target country is made (1. Right holders of pirmary content, e.g. sports leagues, sports clubs; 2. Distributors, e.g. TV broadcasters, stadium owners, internet giants and 3. Brands) 3 . The GCA's Internationalisation Strategy has been created, which consists of 5 pillars: Pillar 1: The GCA Brand Building / Brand Marketing (First the GCA Brand has to be build...
Date: 07/10/2019 - 13:16 | GCA
The Global Analysis, international opportunities and scenarios for the Global Content Alliance Project has been written and published during the summer 2018. Direct PDF link to download the document With: • A market analysis aiming at updating and mutualizing relevant market data between the members of the consortium. • A cluster mapping aiming at comparing the 4 clusters and their members, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, complementarity and possible synergies. • An international opportunities analysis that allowed the consortium to have ranked list of worldwide regions • A set of scenarios illustrating global...
Date: 07/10/2019 - 09:30 | GCA

Fourth regional outreach workshop of KETs4Dual-Use project, took place on 20 September 2019 at the Technical University of Tallinn (Taltech). The workshop, organised by EDIA in collaboration with Taltech, featured speakers from Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD), Taltech and EDIA: - Estonian MoD presented various possibilites on how to develop and promote dual-use products; - Taltech professor Lauri Kütt made a presentation about Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronic Institute, offering facilities for the companies to test their dual-use products; - EDIA introduced the KETs4Dual-Use project and gave an overview of...
Date: 01/10/2019 - 15:07 | EU KETs4Dual-Use

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Serbian Automotive CLuster (AC Serbia) as part of GIVE ESCP jointly organize B2B trade-business meetings between Taiwanese and European SMEs . Date: 14.10. 2019, Monday Venue: Hotel Metropol, Belgrade (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 69, Beograd 11000) Time: 10:00 – 17:00 The event is free of charge, although you need to confirm and be registered. The matchmaking meetings are scheduled by 30min each, there will be translators (Serbian-English) provided on sight if required. To apply for the event you may do it through this link:
Date: 20/09/2019 - 11:54 | GIVE


EU-TEXTILE2030 and UPB sign a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate cooperation between Colombian and Europe in the field of advanced textile materials EU-TEXTILE2030, the European Advanced Textile Materials cluster, was in Colombia last year from July 23 rd to 27 th in its first business mission. During the mission, EU-TEXTILE2030 representatives meet with several major stakeholder from the Colombian textile sector including clusters, business associations, universities, research centers and related government initiatives.
Date: 20/09/2019 - 07:21 | EU-TEXTILE2030