Upcoming Events from ESCP-S3

United Kingdom | Start Date: Tuesday, 15 October 2019
EuroSME Matchmaking event in association with the NATEP Showcase Event Are you an ambitious SME interested in growing by collaborating with European partners to address the demands of the Aerospace Sector? If so, the EACP-EuroSME programme could help you. We can introduce you to like-minded SMEs by webinar and in-person. The EACP-EuroSME programme can then provide a range of collaboration support services too. Four webinars are organised as follows: BST CEST EuroSME Webinars Co-ord. 10.50-11.00 (EuroSME introduction & overview) NWAA 11.15-12.00 12.15-13.00 Aircraft of the Future MAC 13.15-14.00 14.15-15.00 Industry 4...

Spain | Start Date: Tuesday, 29 October 2019
With the world becoming expansively more connected, digital technologies and cybersecurity are challenges that SMEs must face to remain competitive. Digital and smart building industry will discuss the integration of IoT-enabled devices in smart manufacturing with a focus on cybersecurity in smart lighting, home automation and construction systems. CYBER SECURE LIGHT and DIA projects are pleased to invite all the ECCP community clusters, SMEs and research companies to join our international conference - " DIGITAL INDUSTRY: disruptive solutions to shape the future of SMEs” t hat will take place on 29 October 2019 in...

France | Start Date: Wednesday, 06 November 2019
Living labs and technological platforms are essential stakeholders taking part in the collaborative process necessary to build and develop an innovative project. Much more than working meetings and technological demonstration experiences, companies can find within these organizations the favorable meeting place they need to gather the whole ecosystem pertaining to the developed technological solution in order to commonly discuss, share, improve, and ensure the economic and social value of the product/service… The CONNSENSYS project has been notably conceived and set up to think about the relevance and interest of building...