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Peer2Scale-Health - Design Options Paper

The Peer2Scale-Health project has published it's final report - a Design Options Paper (DOP) - following the conclusion of activities in May 2020.

Peer2Scale-Health was a 12-month peer-learning action by four regional health innovation agencies acting as clusters and providing specific innovation support services to their network of health SMEs. The partners were Eurasanté (Hauts-de-France), BioM (Bavaria), Biocat (Catalonia) and lifetech.brussels (Brussels).

Within the Horizon 2020 programme, the project was funded as an INNOSUP project to enable peer learning of innovation agencies for enhancing the innovation capacity of European SMEs.

This Twinning+ project was about a mutual lsharing of best practices and the design of a common innovation programme around the concept of raising “entrepreneurship skills” in health entrepreneurs and SMEs, at the time they go through the critical scale-up process.

The project addressed a triple-demand coming from: SMEs facing specificities of health sector (time-to-market, financial needs, regulation…), innovation agencies but also the European Union (competitiveness of the life sciences sector).

As a general conclusion, project partners found that the value clusters can bring lies both in their internal expertise and their ability to create relationships with partners in the health ecosystem. This complete integration in their environment enables the expansion of the number of services offered to SMEs, creating the perfect ground for growth.

The DOP aims to engage more health innovation agencies in a peer-learning action and nurture a follow-up initiative to further implement the co-designed programme, for the benefit of SMEs.