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General Information
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Wednesday, 1 June, 2016 to Friday, 31 May, 2019
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Madrid Aerospace Cluster
Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek
Fundación Parque Tecnológico de la Salud
Instituto de ciencia e inovação em engenharia mecânica e engenharia industrial
Technology partners
Aeroplan Cluster
Fundación Tecnova
Dublin City University
Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost Nederland NV
EBN Innovation Network
Analistas Financieros Internacionales
AgriFood Capital


ACTTiVATe aims to foster cross-sectoral innovation among SMEs from four different sectors, aerospace, agro-food, health and ICT allocating 85% of the project budget to SMEs. The project will focus its effort in setting up strategies that allow clusters to lead the engagement of SMEs in activities intended to create new services and products and therefore the generation of new value chains and emerging industries across Europe. Furthermore, ACTTiVATe intends to set up strategies to achieve stable growth of cross-sectoral and cross-border innovation beyond the project. 

Sectoral/industrial focus

ACTTiVAte aims at helping emerge and consolidate smart and sustainable cross-sector value chains in the aerospace, agro-food, health and ICT sectors, by supporting SMEs to develop the identified cross-sector technologies and build the required interactions for successful and durable cross-border collaboration, and so creating genuine European new industrial value chains. Activities will be focused on  technology translation from one sector to another i.e. from aerospace: light materials and structures for transport, portable Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), advanced sensing or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPASs) to the Agro-food sector and light-weighted and high-strength and conductive materials, sensing material like biosensors etc., to the Health Sector. Furthermore, crystallization devices from Health sector could be translated to aerospace and purification systems based on microalgae-bacteria to the Agro-food sector.   

Executive Summary  

Activities are divided into seven work packages. The project begins with WP2 which is aimed at going further in the assessment of technologies, potential value chains and definitive selection of the areas which is included in the proposal process. WP3 will set up the methodologies for the technology transfer among the proposed sectors as well as the strategies to facilitate the innovation in the SMEs aimed at the project. WP4 will be focused on the selection of the SMEs to be funded as we all as the SMEs projects management (technical and financial management). WP5 will be focused on additional activities to foster the innovation in SMEs (e.g. training and coaching, exchange programs, technological congresses, investor forums). WP6 will be focused on the large scale demonstrators where the project results will be implemented at the regions of ACTTiVAte) where all the relevant stakeholders will take an active role (public regional development agencies, investors networks, enterprises associations and other clusters). WP7 will ensure the project results and achievements are communicated and disseminated to the defined targeted audiences. WP1 will be focused on the project management. 


Expected Results

At the end of the project some of the expected results to be obtained, among others, are mentioned below:

  • Enhance SMEs budgets for innovation by reaching the number of innovative project funded up to 30.
  • Incorporate cross and open innovation processes to SME’s obtaining between2-5 the average number of profitable new products per supported SME and improve financial strength of supported SMEs reaching 30% to 50% the percentage of supported SMEs with higher P&L in one year.
  • Creation of competitive value chains across the EU reaching the number of new cross sectoral value chains created between 10 to 15.
  • Gain new markets in the international arena, approximately between 30% to 50%, the number of supported SMEs entering into international markets with new innovative products.
  • Obtain 30-50 technology alliances and agreements developed by supported SMEs with other companies during ACTTiVAte.
  • Integration in the supply chain obtaining the number of clients of supported SMEs in different industrial sectors 50-70 and number of providers of supported SMEs in different industrial sectors from 80 to 100.

Events organized by the project

Kick-Off meeting: 15  June 2016

Call for financial support to third parties (SMEs)

The consortium launched a competitive call for proposals on 1st June 2017 addressed to innovative SMEs established in one of the ACTTiVAte countries (Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland) looking to develop projects involving cross-domain technology transfer among at least two of the sectors addressed by the project. This call is supported by the ACTTiVAte project consortium and is financed by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Program under Grant Agreement 691473. The call is addressed to innovative SMEs and aims to enable the emergence of new cross-border and cross-sectoral value chains through fostering technology transfer within four sectors with strong synergies: Aerospace, Agri-food, Health and ICT.

After the call, the selected SMEs will receive direct funding of up to EUR 46.000 for their innovative projects and will also benefit from additional business support services such as training workshops, mentoring, brokerage events, mobility exchange programs and investment forums to ensure the innovative projects develop a marketable product.

The types of activities to perform that qualify to receiving financial support must be related to the fulfillment of the established milestones and deliverables that are pre-set as part of the Call for Proposal Funding Scheme. These are:

·        - The development of a technology commercialization strategic plan

·        - The development of a proof of concept design and implementation plan

·        - The final presentation of a completed proof of concept / minimum viable product

Deadline for submission of proposals: 5 September 2017

More information on the call including eligibility, selection and award criteria is available on the project website and on the Participant Portal.

A total of 124 eligible proposals were received for this call.

  • 30 proposals will receive funding for a total amount of 46.000,00 EUR plus a full package of business support services.
  • In addition, 20 proposals will receive funding for a total amount of 6.000,00 EUR plus a limited package of business support services


ACTTiVAte's Cluster Collaboration Tool

The Cluster Collaboration Tool supports collaboration between technology providers in a particular sector and technology recipients in another sector (aerospace, agri-food, health and ICT). In this tool companies can provide a technology offer and a technology request.

This technology offer or request is reviewed by the ACTTiVAte consortium before it is published in the database. The database can be searched through by companies to search for interesting technology matches (Cluster Collaboration) and by the ACTTiVAte consortium to support matchmaking. Matching between technology offers and request is actively supported by clusters from the ACTTiVAte consortium.

More information: http://acttivate.eu/cluster-collaboration-tool


ACTTiVAte selected projects attended a specific training focused on the technology transfer/commercialization process of their innovative developments. The Commercialization Training Workshops (Tech Comm Academies) took place in Madrid, Granada and Brussels during the months of January and February.


The workshops included training and feedback activities, group and individual coaching/assistance, peer-sharing, feedback sessions and remote coaching to be delivered by local and international expert coaches.

The main objective pursued with this activity was to offer the awarded SMEs the opportunity to carry out an assisted process of strategic thinking and planning focused on their projects´ business development.

All the participant selected SMEs had the opportunity to review and check their work with the expert coaches assigned to identify additional factors that would not be obvious to emerging entrepreneurs.