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Business Support to the EU - India Policy Dialogues

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Monday, 14 January, 2019 to Monday, 31 January, 2022
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European Business and Technology Centre
GFA Consulting GmBH

The overall objective of the project is to strenghten the positioning of the EU as a credible partner of India in priority sectors, and to contribute to an increased and diversifited presence of EU companies in the Indian market by enriching EU-India Policy Dialogues. 


The specific objectives are as follows: 

  • To provide a horizontal business cooperation facility to feed the ongoing and potential EU-India policy dialgoues in the areas of environment, energy, climate, ICT, mobility, urbanisation etc. in order to meet the growing Indian demand for knowledge and innovative technologies while simultaneously facilitating the export and transfer of advanced EU technologies, standards and business best practices. 
  • To enable EU-wide advocacy efforts by EU Member States, EU business organisations and businesses, to remove trade barriers and identify regulatory and economic trends with a particular focus on the needs of EU SME's. 

Activities planned over 2019 - 2022


- Conducting technical market studies and analyses to match Indian demand for technical and business solutions at national and subnational levels with the available European solutions

- Creating a database of EU companies interested in India or already present in India that could offer the identified technical solutions and business solutions 

- Creating an online communication platform to share information regarding relevant policy dialogues and linked technical, research and business opportunities

- Identifying and disseminating information regarding policy, technical business events in which relevant EU companies could participate

- Rolling out a communication strategy to reach out to businesses in Europe regarding opportunities in India

- Informing Indian stakeholders (businesses, government stakeholders at different levels) of potential EU solutions using website or other communication tools

- Providing technical expertise to the European Business Group Federation to enable it to increase SME membership pool

- Informing policy dialogues from a business perspective by providing technical inputs (including sharing EU standards) on the specific policy areas

- Forging relationships with relevant Government of India stakeholders (including states of city corporations) and connect them to relevant technologies in their area of interest

- Participatong to relevant national and subnational events (such as Indian states' investors meetings and specialised fairs in the prioritised sectors) with speakers/stands/relevant EU businesses to showcase EU innovative solutions

- Facilitating relations between EU and Indian SME stakeholders to set up small pilot projects to showcase EU technologies and business solutions applied in India

- Organising events (thematic forums, expert workshops, seminars, roadshows, business roundtables, etc)

- Identifying trade, regulatory and investment opportunities and barriers in the prioritised sectors, working closely with EU Member States, EU Business organisations and EU businesses 

- Conducting regular sectoral studies focused on market opportunities, barriers and solutions 

- Providing technical expertise to EBG Federation to enable the organisation to better respond to the needs of the EU businesses 

- Supporting the definition of a common EU-wide advocacy strategy including recommendations and common messages between EU Member States, EU Business organisations and EU businesses 

- Designing materials for supporting the implementation of the EU-wide advocacy strategy by EU Member States, EU Business organisations and EU businesses 



Result Areas outlined for the Project: 

R1: European technical and business solutions relevant to the targeted policy dialogues identified

R2: Enhanced dissemination of information regarding innovative European technical solutions and business opportunities in India in the areas of targeted policy dialogues

R3: Provision of European technical solutions to the targeted policy dialogues facilitated

R4: Enhanced EU-wide advocacy (including regulatory aspects) related to the targeted  policy dialogues.