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General Information
Project duration: 
Friday, 1 April, 2016 to Sunday, 31 March, 2019
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International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
Inno TSD
Council of European Bu
Silicon Saxony
DSP Valley
Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA)

Welcome to ClusterNanoRoad.  This project has the aim to stimulate the uptake of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) including nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing into multiple sectors across Europe.

The project will focus on  clusters as the portal for enabling technologies to boost economic growth through smart specialisation.  Clusters within sectors as diverse as food production, manufacturing and healthcare can benefit from technology uptake.  ClusterNanoRoad will work with stakeholders including cluster managers, intermediaries and regional policy makers.

Project mission

  • Mapping initiatives that support enabling technology uptake
  • Build a network of cross-sectoral clusters for joint activities
  • Identify enabling technology opportunities
  • Create a roadmap for clusters to implement enabling technologies
  • Pilot actions, with policy maker groups, joint horizon scanning and SME partnering across clusters and sectors

ClusterNanoRoad reviewed, mapped and analysed information and good practises on current and historical coordination actions, existing inter-regional cooperation networks platform initiatives in NMBP thematic area, as well as key initiatives, novel approaches and success factors in clusters and smart specialisation interactions.

Data was gathered from numerous sources, including desk research (secondary sources) and data actively extracted through questionnaires and interviews (primary sources through field work). The collection of information was made through active field work performed by the consortium over its networks of clusters organisations and policy makers. Further desk and bibliography research of previous NMBP coordination actions and information on partner’s experience were used to develop and analyse the state-of-play on the role of engagement of clusters, policy makers, regional initiatives, KET initiatives and KET related value chains in the NMBP area. The deliverable linked to this exercise, with full description of all mapping activities can be downloaded HERE.

Casestudies and benchmarking guide

This mapping led to a benchmark of successful case studies and allowed the identification of success factor which will help to drive the creation of validated roadmaps for integration of enabling technologies.

Ten case studies in good practise for supporting KET uptake through clusters were published and the full report ‘KET-cases for visualisation of good practices that identify success factors and challenges/barriers’ is available here.

Pilot Actions

ClusterNanoRoad will develop and test three activities which have the aim to help clusters work together for better identification and integration of enabling technologies into their own smart specialisation strategies.  These actions will be cross-sectoral and clusters throughout Europe will be able to take part.  Actions will launch in September 2017, running for 15 months, with a combination of online and face to face services.

Pilot Action 1: Cross-sector collaboration in cardio-vascular disease

Pilot action 2: Policy maker collaboration across Europe

Pilot action 3: Cluster manager collaboration – SENSORS


We are currently in the process of Validating our key finding, and the final roadmap is under development.