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COSMENERG - Cluster Excellence project in Central and Eastern European network of cluster organisations in the field of (eco- and bio) energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies

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General Information
COSME/Cluster Excellence/2nd call
Project duration: 
Wednesday, 16 November, 2016 to Thursday, 15 November, 2018
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GREEN ENERGY Innovative Biomass Cluster
ECOPANONIA - Eco-energy and eco-culture cluster


  • To strengthen the participating clusters’ management excellence to provide more professional innovation and business support services to their SMEs members. The geographical scope covers EU countries, EU candidate countries and COSME countries, such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Serbia.
  • To develop strategic plans to generate greater added value for the participating clusters’ members, including through enhanced cluster collaboration among them. 
  • To promote the participating clusters’ learning, with a focus on engaging cluster organisations from regions with different levels of economic development (from developed to in transition), and with distinct stages of development experience (from Gold Cluster Management Excellence Label to expected 1st assessment).
  • To support participating clusters’ managers to develop a comprehensive strategy with a view to support the growth and the competitiveness of their members, as well as a roadmap for the implementation.
  • To facilitate the collaboration among the participating clusters to operate jointly at EU level and to exploit synergies towards common activities and joint strategy development for the long term.

Sectoral/industrial focus
Eco-energy, bio-energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental technologies

Executive Summary 
The project aims to generate added-value services for the involved cluster organisations‘ SME members and support their growth and competitiveness through identifying the type of services generating the greatest added-value and delivering these services in the most effective manner. The total number of SME members involved is 294. 

The objectives will be achieved through a number of activities planned within a 24 months period starting in November 2016: 

  • targeted training actions to enhance the cluster managers’ skills, - elaboration of SME members‘ need analyses, surveys,
  • undertaking value-chain and market analysis,
  • preparation of a comprehensive mid-term cluster strategy, 
  • establishment of a consolidated strategy at consortium level,
  • preparation of a communication plan and dissemination report, 

The consolidated consortium strategy will also outline the planned collaboration and follow-up actions of the network of applicant cluster organisations in order to sustain the project results. The above activities will be supported by several networking activities to facilitate cluster cooperation and synergies on skills enhancement and strategy development (see Events organised by the project).

Expected Results:     

Events organized by the project:
joint learning and knowledge sharing workshop events at consortium level with study visits (3), 
awareness raising workshops at cluster levels (3),
cross-cluster learning events by European Commission/EASME (2). 


Find a brief summary of the first consortium level workshop, joint learning event here.

The following meeting of the international project COSMENERG took place in Jablonna, a town nearby Warsaw, on 4 and 5 July 2017, where the main goal of the participants was the development of the clusters' value chain systems. Please find more information on the workshop here.

We held the next consortium level joint learning event in Brasov, Romania, between 12-15 March 2018. For more information see our report here.