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European Cluster Initiatives


The European cluster approach for growth is based on three main pillars: emerging industries and interregional cooperation, cluster internationalisation and cluster excellence. On a horizontal level, through the European Observatory for Clusters and Industrial Change (EOCIC), the European Commission provides statistical and trend analysis of clusters (including value chains, gazelles, start-ups and scale-ups), cluster policy advice and learning, as well as support for strategic interregional cluster partnerships. This policy approach is implemented through concrete EU initiatives launched under EU's financial programmes, mainly COSME (and its predecessor CIP) and Horizon2020.

Due to the importance of clusters for economic policy, they are also included in other European programmes. As a cluster information hub, ECCP gathers relevant examples of cluster collaboration developed in projects funded by various EU programmes.

We invite you to explore the profiles of various cluster projects and learn about the themes they address, their partnerships and their achievements.

including H2020 INNOSUP projects

Emerging industries and interregional cooperation related to new or existing industrial sectors and value chains that are evolving into new industries can benefit from the collaborative opportunities of clustering

The Cluster Internationalisation programme supports international cluster cooperation through matchmaking events and promotes transnational Cluster Partnerships to support SME internationalisation towards third countries beyond Europe.

The programme helps cluster organisations improve their management practices, their market/competitive advantages or value-chain capacities and provide better services for SMEs

The single access point for statistical information, analysis and mapping of clusters and cluster policy in Europe for policy-makers and cluster managers and SME intermediaries

Discover cluster-related projects funded through the Horizon2020, INTERREG and other EU programmes, their partnerships, themes addressed, results